Shift Golden keys limit?

Hello, is there’s still any sort of limit on how many Shift golden keys can be hold in the inventory on Borderlands: Pre-Sequel ?
If yes, what’s the limit ?
Reason i am asking this, is because I remember back in borderlands 2 i had an issue, where i reached 255 keys, and it sent me back to 0.

I think TPS still has that issue, so I wouldn’t hang on to more than 255 just to be safe.

Not sure about this, but pretty sure that both games will stop updating your total before then. But @Andrea as Marcus would say, “You’re Golden Keys aren’t worth a thing, if you don’t spend them!” There seriously isn’t any point in stocking up that many Golden Keys, especially in TPS.

I was planning on stocking up for when reaching max level and then use all the keys.

I honestly wouldn’t bother. You might want to keep some keys just to gear up at the start of whatever you want to do for end-game, but it’s better to use most of them whenever you feel the need as you go.

Sure, you can grind three purples and hope to get a legendary, but the odds are pretty bad (~1 in 20 odds) compared to just playing the game, running the various bosses (~1 in 10 odds) etc., and checking the vending machines every 20 minutes.

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