Shift in Battleborn

What kind of shift support will we be looking forward to in Battleborn? Will it be as frequent as shift codes for Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel? When can we expect to see codes popping up across social medias?

Sorry for the handful of questions, I’m just a terribly curious person.

there has been a shift code available to unlock gold skins for three characters and if you download battleborn tab on your phone/tablet and link the game with your shift account then you can unlock another gold skin for orendi.

Besides those, there haven’t been new codes or shift unlocks yet

Yeah, I already knew about the 4 gold skins. Just wondering what to expect in the future? Maybe more community goals.

I think more codes are on the way but probably not before the next content drop/ huge update

Just my guess

Maybe its just harder for codes that have an actual presence like skins or taunts while Bl had mostly key codes coming out. Maybe gear codes could be the equivalent of that.