Shift/ingame codes

I have the PC version of the game, but I can’t really run it well enough with my current laptop. so I haven’t tried it yet.
I also have a PS4 where I can play the F2P version.

My question is about the following currency and skin codes:
currency one:

Assuming they are still valid, using them on the PS4 version can they carry over to my PC copy? Or alternatively, if I install the PC version, activate that and then uninstall it, will those unlocks remain once I re-install the game?

Not sure if they are Shift codes or something else.

unfortunately they will not carry over from PS4 to PC. you will need to put them in for both versions. for them staying there after having to re install it i do not know.

I’m pretty sure everything is saved on your online account, so uninstalling and reinstalling shouldn’t be an issue.

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That’s the case for shift codes is it not? but these seem to be unique, which is what makes me doubt how they work.
Could I use the same shift code on the same account on PC and PS4? Or would I get an error?

you should be able to use the same shift code on both systems. i know it allows me to use the same one on PS4 and xbox.

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