SHIFT Issues Epic Games Store

I am unable to log into SHIFT on the PC version using the Epic games store. I realize since it is launch day Steam is not available, but hopefully this helps someone later. Any ideas why when I go into SOCIAL, then SHIFT I can put in my email address and password, but the LOGIN stays grey.

I can obviously log into SHIFT on my XB for BL2… and on PC in Chrome.

Thanks everyone!

Release day fires. I’ve also had trouble with some of the menus and inputting the login details for SHiFT, that was actually a real pain in the ass as it was glitching.

thanks for the reply! so it finally worked for you?

Yes it’s working now, just like previous versions it now logs in automatically.

If it helps anyone, I had to go into the Shift Website and link my Epic games account to my SHIFT profile, this was a missing step for me. Once I did this, and relaunched the game it was working properly.

This is not working for me. I’ve successfully linked my SHIFT account to my Epic account, but I’m still not auto logged in (yes, I’ve restarted, multiple times). When I try to log in to SHIFT manually in the Social menu in Borderlands 3 (with the same credentials I use to log in to the SHIFT website), I get an invalid e-mail / password error. I’ve created a support ticket, but they’re taking their sweet time. I’m missing out on all my pre-order goodies!


same issue for me too. I linked SHiFT to EPIC but when I run BD3 in the social menu, It said I’m offline.