Shift key expiry WTH?

So as an aussie 2 to 5 hour expiry is complete bull…we go to bed and a shift key comes out at midnight and by the time you wake up it’s expired every bloody time…

At least make them 12 or 24 hours or release some when the other side of the planet is awake to claim them…


I live in the same timezone as GBX and I miss them as well. I don’t know why they have such a short expiration time; BL 2’s and TPS’ were generally good for a couple of weeks before they expired.


Yeah it’s ridiculous.

I’m wondering if Gearbox has deliberately barely been releasing SHIFT Codes recently because people have found exploits to get insane amounts of keys?

But I’m pretty sure people had ways to do that in earlier titles.

I don’t understand why they’re being so cheap with them for this title.

Considering how much flak (Fl4k :joy:) that they’re taking right now over various things,more frequent golden key codes could buy them some much needed good will with the players, rather than how it currently is, which is, as this thread proves, yet another thing people are annoyed with them about.


If they expired at all.

There’s still TONS available to use for both 2 and TPS.

Not sure about BL1 GOTY remaster.

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Your not alone, I go to work at 4am get out at 2 to 3pm & the codes are already expired.:rage: and I’m in the USA. It sucks to miss out all the time. The codes should be good for 24 hour’s for people like us.


There are 2 codes available for the next 7ish hours… These ones had a 12 hour window so hope y’all catch them.

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Two new Golden Keys!

My first in a while!

Thank you!


Weird that I didn’t get a Twitter notification for these. Thanks man! :grin:


Another shift key went up 2 hours ago supposedly good for a full day y’all

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Maybe they are finally taking notice that people are angry that probably 60-80% of the players missed out on the shorter window keys? I hope going forward they are all at least 12 hour windows…


there is a site with all working key codes that should be able to give u a few that u dont have maybe.

Another key is available if you grab the code in the next 19-20 hours…