SHIFT Key Redemption Problem

On PS3 here.

Shift keys redeemed on a PSN profile can be used by any toons on that profile, right?

Like, just because my Level 40 nisha (on my secondary psn profile) put in the SHIFT codes for the keys, any other characters i create on that profile should be able to use those keys, right?

I have a mule toon on the same profile whom i just power leveled up to 21 to use shift keys to get items to give to my Wilhelm on my main PSN profile.

When i have that character (the level 21 mule) join my 40 Nisha’s game (both on the same profile), the level 21 character is shown as having 0 shift keys available, while the Nisha has access to all of them.

Anyone know why my mule toon on the same profile cant use those keys?

This belongs in the Tech Support section.

Because you have two of the same profile open?

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The only thing i can think of is that maybe i have to take thst mule thriugh to Concordia in their own game and access the SHIFT keys from their own personal SHIFT machine.

I hope.