Shift login failed

can anyone help me sign in im not sure why it wont let me im looking at the account on my phone and nothing can help me

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Question: had you been able to sign in successfully before today?

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I have the same problem im not sure what the issue is.

It could just be a temporary issue with the SHiFT servers. Might also be worth doing a power reset and restarting the game? Sometimes things get hung up if there’s stale session data still around.

yes first time i signed in with no problem then just the other day this problem started where it says i already have an account but im using the same sign in

I can think of a couple of possibilities, but you’ll need to contact shift support directly for help with that. Use this form:

For gaming issue, choose “SHIFT”. Make sure you let them know you had been able to sign in correctly before and - if you can - the date/time when you first started having issues.

You may want to check if you can sign in to the shift site directly as well, and check what’s listed as being linked to your account: