Shift login in game not working

i get no response when trying to login to shift in-game for borderlands 3.

not even a failure message. i even went to shift and changed my password to confirm i was using the correct password.


same. login works on website and not in-game.

i am going to check to see if my firewall might be blocking. I did not yesterday since it was launch :).

in windows firewall setting it was allowed for private but not for public. same for epic games launcher.

changed both to be public and private. was able to login to shift and gets me golden keys :sunny:

Got my firewall shut off, the “enter” button is just inactive, pressing keyboard enter does nothing

Same problem here, “Sign in” button never becomes active. Can sign in fine on website, and attempting to make account the submit button highlights when the fields are complete, but on sign in it never does.

Ok found workaround apparently:

Fill in your email and password, then click back onto the email field, and the “sign in” button should become active, or at least it did for me.

Another way to make it work: Sign into your account on the Borderlands website, then go to “My Profile” and click the tab with the cog-icon. You’ll see all accounts you’re linked to. Link to the platform you play the game on - Epic for the PC-version, PSN for the PS4 version etc. - and the next time you log into the game, SHiFT will be connected.

One thing of notes is whether your password meets their current requirements. In my case, I had an older password that didn’t meet the requirements. It worked on the website just fine. After I updated it to meet the current requirements, it also worked in the game.

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This is the fix, an updated password criteria, thx Shelaba