SHiFT Login Issues

Hey everyone. I’ve been having issues signing into SHiFT on the Handsome Collection. I keep getting the “unable to sign in” message. My wifi is fine, and it’s certainly not a problem on my end. I don’t have an account linked to my gamertag on Xbox One. Anyone have any ideas?

Can you sign in to the shift website OK ( Are you able to link your GT via the web site, or is it already showing as linked?

I am able to sign into the website perfectly fine. My gamertag is not linked, and it can only be linked through the in-game menu. That’s what I have not been able to do.

When you go to the following:

It should say Not Linked next to Xbox Live (in Gaming Platforms section) and should give you the option to Sign In. Have you tried linking your Xbox Live GT to your Shift account this way?

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The way it works on 360 is that you link your XBLive GT on the shift web site first.

I have not seen anything posted that would imply anything different for the Handsome Collection on XB1. Perhaps @JoeKGBX could chime in?

Hey guys,

So this sounds like it could be an issue that’s currently being investigated. We don’t have a hard and fast fix at the moment unfortunately, but the the team is looking into it and hoping to have it worked out in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Any progress? It’s been 4 months since your post yet I’m having same issue discussed.