SHIFT Mini-Event skins (Facebook/Twitter/Twitch)

Hello everybody players and (hopefully) Admins alike,

  • I have purchased a Digital Deluxe Edition of Battleborn back during launch and was active sporadically (family, work, and just Real Life chores alltogether). As such I have luckily received some yummy SHIFT bonus goodies on Twitch, Facebook and Twitter since Launch.
  • I have however unluckily missed 3 skins (my friends told me about them later) and the SHIFT codes for them (also from my friends) are not redeemable any more. :slight_frown:
  • When I write in the code it says that the code is not active any more. :frowning:
  • The 3 mini-event skins I am missing are Pendles’ Constrictor (gold) skin (used to be a Twitter freebie present), Ernest’s Gold Skin (also a previous Twitter goody) and “A Dark Night” skin for Rath (used to be a Facebook present)
  • My questions are therefor:
    1., Does anybody still have “active/valid codes” for these 3 skins mentioned above?
    2., If there are no active codes for those 3 skins will these skins reappear in similar Twitter/Facebook/Twitch mini events again in the future?
    3., Will these skins be added to the “regular store” in the future or will they remain “mini-event skins” forever?
  • Thank you for reading my topic - it would be cool to get some “official(ish)” feedback from an Admin to this issue - hopefully I am not asking for too much. :wink:

There were only one code for each and are inactive for the moment.

There are no infos on when or if promo skins will be available in the future. Maybe in some sort Underated game of the Year edition / post season 1 promo skin pack. No idea.

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Me reading the title: “Shirt mini-skirt event”




Well you sure have a “vivid/dirty imagination”… hehe … :wink:

Apparently also dyslexia! :joy:

Then how did u write that perfectly huh? I got my metaphorical eye on u.

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My sister has severe dyslexia, but my mother taught her how to read and write after her teachers said she would never learn. You can learn how to read and write with dyslexia, but you have to first know you have the issue and then learn how to work around it. For example, if you know the word shoot will appear as sthoo or toohs, you’ll know what the word is when you see it. Learning how to read is all about association: we associate the word apple with the fruit. Well, a dyslexic person does the same thing no matter how the word apple appears to them. The real hurdle is learning how to properly spell words because apple isn’t spelled plape even though a dyslexic person may see it that way.

I’m sure you were probably joking, @Panthers1102, but using “u” instead of “you” is one of my pet peeves. :dukejk:


I was joking but I found it weird he could type perfectly but not read perfectly even though he was probably joking about title too. Maybe. I dunno

Awesome insight right here. Thanks for sharing

EDIT: I’m also curious if a dyslexic person consistently sees “apple” the same way every time or do the letters get mixed in different ways sometimes?

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I think there’s a chance of them to reappear. For example, Oscar Mike’s golden skin was in two different events.

There’s a special thread here about shift codes, subscribe to it and you’ll be notified when new codes are available:

Woww, than you for the help and the suggestions guys!

  • I am amazed how helpful and active this forum is! (I did not expect it to be honest :smiley: ) After all the bad experience with trolls and flamers on some other games’ forums this is a really pleasant surprise!
    Thank you for all the support once again. :slight_smile:

Haha, the dyslexia was a joke, though I did read the title wrong ;p

You’re welcome. I was being pedantic about the text speech, but I’m glad I was able to give you some insight.

That I don’t know. I’d need to ask either my mom or my sister about that. I know there are different types of dyslexia: my ex-roommate could read properly but if he looked at a page of numbers (like say from a math textbook), they would all scramble together and he would have to unscramble them before he could solve the problems. He learned how to do math, just not in the traditional manner.