Shift name already in use?

Trying to reuse the display name I was using previously for crossplay, but it is already in use? Shouldn’t existing display names be protected from being taken?

I ran into the same issue and realized it was me who had my name … lol

Just had to login to ShIft using my login credentials for that account and the game updated the correct username.

This occured when i switched from ps4 to pc.

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Same problem here, I just logged in but the problem persist.
Always using this name, on PC.

Your best bet would be to file a support ticket directly with GBX - use SHIFT as the game and issue.

Yeah, they pratically answered me: “that’s your own ■■■■■■■ business”.
This is the name used in my SHIFT and Gearbox account. I used it with Borderlands 3 until some months ago.
Now I cannot use it anymore (and to play it single player I need to turn off wifi).

Also, I tried to add “ITA” (italian) at the end of the name ike Baboo85_ITA or Baboo85ITA it says that the name is abusive. How the ■■■■ it can be “offensive”? What filter is this?

And again, their answer was pratically the same: “that’s your own ■■■■■■■ business”.