Shift rewards not syncing up since March update

It tells me “connection pending” when accessing the SHIFT menu. “Please wait for the connection process to complete before accessing the GB Software SHIFT menu.”

I can load and play the game but can’t collect my rewards (a Norfleet) or any Shift keys since the last micro update.

Mac through Steam.

I just tried it, Mac via Steam, and didn’t have an issue connecting to Shift, and I have the March 10 patch installed.
I know that’s not too helpful, but indicates that the game code does work correctly on at least one machine.
Do you have a VPN or other network content filtering installed?

I’ll try it on another computer and see if it works.

Was there anything on the SHIFT Status Twitter feed?

I can collect Shift keys and rewards on my P4, no problem. I find it troubling that I can play the game on PC, it’s online, and still get the “sorry, Shift connection is pending”. I’ve gotten PC Shift items in the past.

Say another thread with a matchmaking issue (also through SHIFT on PC) so there may be something up. If a restart doesn’t clear it, I would suggest filing a support ticket.

IMHO, it’s the BL3 advert that hangs everything up on both consoles & PCs. On console, the character title page will spin until the BL3 ad drops off and you can continue. (The message there is it’s searching for a connection…)

edit: I’m installing on my home laptop and will see if a newer OS will help. It finally did.!!!

What was the before and after OS versions?

Before was my work computer not sure the OS. the after is my home laptop is Catalina 10.15.4