Shift rewards & pre-order bonuses on multiple platforms

Hello gearbox and all you beautiful Vault hunters!
I plan to play “Borderlands 3” on both PS4 and Pc, and I was curious on how this would effect the redemption of certain items. For example, VIP skins and heads, the legendary weapon from redeeming 8 other season weapons, and the pre order/ early adapter COV gun I get at start. Will the golden keys also be affected?
Please help, and thanks in advanced.

This is purely speculation on my part but, based on the fact that BL1, BL2, TPS, and BB all had their SHIFT rewards tied to specific platform user IDs (XBL GT, PSN, Steam ID) and could not be shared between them, I suspect the same will be true for BL3.

Unfortunately you’re probably right. I know I’m an oddity in the fact most people only play on one system, and the fact that idc about the entire epic store exclusivity. Considering I’m paying for two copies tho, I was really hoping I’d be able to redeem the items once per console.

The only way I can see it happening is if actual cross-platform play becomes a thing first. That’s started to happen with some games, but it’s still pretty limited.

They have done different Golden Key Shift codes for the different platforms, but the Borderlands GOTY shift codes have been the same code regardless of platform, as has the Community Day Skins for BL2 they’ve been releasing and these show up on my PSN, XBL and Steam BL2 saves with the input of the one code once (I input the code through the SHIFT website and not in the game menu). Also, the Weaponizer items have shown up on all my accounts. I think they may have changed it so redeemable items are tied to your SHIFT account rather than which gaming network service you are using.


But you can link multiple accounts on there vip program? So wouldn’t they be shared?