Shift says I cannot connect online?

Just finished True TD with 2 other people and when we went to reload and run it again we are getting this error

Anyone else experiencing this?

Seems odd timing, but at least we were able to finish it haha

Happened to me and my team as well just now.

Ahh, maybe shift went down. Oh well, hopefully they get it up and running soon!

Well, nice to know its not player side issue.

Happened here too. I’m connected again after computer restart.

We are able to send invites again, but loading in is failing

Edit: we found that turning PC crossplay off enables us to play via Epic

It seems pretty fickle in nature. I didn’t have to reboot nor turn crossplay off, but I restarted the game and now it seems to work. Something to look at though.

We are having the same problem. Tried your solution but it didn’t work :S

Turning crossplay off didn’t work for you? I only have one friend right now who isn’t on epic and he wasn’t even on right now so turning it off worked for us.

There is an issue with the service - check the shift status feed on Twitter. (Someone also posted a grab of it in another thread a short while ago)

Ahh I wasn’t aware. I dont have Twitter so my updates only come from here lol