Shift Sign In Not Working PC

Hi Gang,
Just trying to sign in to Shift from the Social page in game. I can login to the the website and have the Epic store linked (as well as Steam), but when I try and login in game, nothing.
That is, I put my email address in and then enter the password, but when I hit Enter or click Submit, nothing happens. It doesnt fail or give me any feedback. Rather confusing.

Any ideas?

This exact thing happened to me.

My shift account was made years ago, and I have not changed the password. So the password I used was 6 lower case letters, followed by four numbers. I was able to login fine in BL2 and all other games, and even the Shift website itself, with my ‘old’ password. Sometime recently, the Shift Password requirements changed, requiring Upper case letter, Lower case letter, a number, and a non alpha-numeric character. Since my old password did not contain these characters, BL3 just assumed my password was incorrect without even checking it. As soon as I changed to a newer password (that meets present requirements) the ‘login’ button was no longer grayed-out in BL3, and I was able to sign in without problems.

Long story short : People must use a new password with SHiFT that includes all those listed characters.