Shift site not registering that I own Borderlands 3

I bought my key through so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I notice when watchign streamers on Twitch that it is asking me to still buy the game on screen. My account is linked to Twitch.

I bought it through the Epic games store and linked Shift to my Epic account and I still get that too.

Actually I just noticed that Epic isnt connected on my Shift account, but when I attempt to do it, it tries opening up a browser tab to Epic then it stops for some reason and ends up going to the page again. If I try to do ti again, same thing happens but then this time when it puts me back at I am logged out of Shift.

More: on if I try and connect to Epic from there it’s saying this platform is associated with another account. Turns out it was. I revoked access there and works now.

I am having the exact same problem!
Started to realised something was wrong when i didnt received Guns and my vip head skin that i unlocked!