Shift thats logged in isnt my shift account

Hello! so I have an odd issue, the shift account thats logged in on my ps4 is not mine, and I would like to have this fixed before BL3 drops. Is there a way to fix this, or am I just boned?
(I have already submitted a ticket, but Idk how well that will work)

You should be able to resolve the issue from this website -

I linked my SHIFT account from my old PSN account to my new one by signing up for the VIP program, then linking SHIFT to PSN here -

As Slif said, support ticket, as only they can push the information through to the SHIFT admins.

You might also want to see if you can figure out how a different SHIFT account got associated with your PSN. I can think of a few cases where that might result:

  • if you’d shared your PSN credentials with a family member or friend, and they’d associated their shift with your account.
  • if you’d used an old email address to create a shift account in the past that you’d lost control of or access to, and someone else had commandeered it (eg through hacked email account - yes, looking at you Yahoo)