Shift Vending Machine - Live Gold Account Necessary?

Hey, guys!

I never had any problems with Borderlands franchise. I’ve been playing since the PS3 all the games (1, 2, TPS e TftB), and on Xbox One, same thing: GOTY, Handsome Collection, 3 and TftB.

I recently got in The Pre Sequel for the first time on the Xbox One, and i can’t use the Shift Vending Machine. Never had any problems with other games - and i don’t have Live Gold.

Do i need it for The Pre Sequel? Or, just like GOTY, 2 and 3, i can have de bonus and golden keys without a Live Gold account?

Why i’m asking this: when i try to use the Vending Machine, it offers me to buy Gamepass or Live.

Did you check both tabs on the SHIFT machine in Concordia? You may also want to go into the in-game SHIFT menu and just check that it’s showing you as signed in. Other than the way Golden Keys are handled through the SHIFT machine, the system should work exactly the same as HC BL2 on XB1.

Edit: I did find a couple of references to needing Gold for SHIFT, although that was for BL2 on 360. IIRC there was some discussion back at launch when SHIFT was first described about that, but it was a MS requirement (at that time I don’t think on-line co-op on PS3 required a subscription?)