Shift VIP codes redeemed, but points not showing up?

So, I’m having some trouble with Shift codes, I redeemed a lot of them and according to my profile on Shift I should have a ton of them. But when I go in-game, I don’t see any but 1 code. I brought this to support, got a ticket, they asked for my Steam ID, my Shift ID, etc, I gave them that, all the codes that I used. The person helping me then proceeded to ask me the error message I received when redeeming them. I tried to explain they were already redeemed and just weren’t showing up. But for some reason he keeps asking for screenshots of each code on the site that’s not working, 16 screenshots as he asked for which, to me, seems excessive… I don’t know which codes aren’t working because they’re all saying they’re redeemed on my Shift account. What in the world is he asking for?

I don’t understand how screenshots of the codes on a website will be any different from giving them the list of them I used in an email. I already redeemed the codes, so what exactly is he looking for? There’s no error message, they couldn’t be expired, and they were all redeemed on Shifts site, for my Steam account, which all the keys in my profile are listed under a Steam profile.

Am I seriously missing something here, or am I just not getting good help?

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