SHiFT will be DOWN for maintenance

From the Borderlands Twitter account (since they don’t post news here);

" Tomorrow (01/22), SHiFT services will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance at 6:30am PT. We estimate this will last for 3 hours. During this time, players playing #Borderlands3 may have issues logging into SHiFT, redeeming mail rewards, and receiving micropatches."


Precautionary Notice: Everyone might want to clear their mail just in case.


I certainly hope I don’t have to clear out my mail. I’ve got quite a few EchoCast rewards in my mail that I was planning to leave there until there is a level cap increase. If I redeem them now, then they’ll be stuck at level 50.

You don’t have to do this. @jbow2020 was just suggesting it since updates to servers can, as you know, sometimes go bad and there is a very small probability that things might go missing.
But you can also Trust In SHiFT and assume things will be going well.
That’s what Im doing this time, assuming it will be successful.


“Please note that the scheduled SHiFT maintenance will impact the scaled Maliwan Takedown Event and the Farming Frenzy event. During this time, the events will not be active, as players will not be able to apply micropatches.”

Sooo … Event gets delayed. Then we’re given less time than was originally scheduled. And now it will be unavailable for 3 more hours?

Solid job Gearbox, keep up the good work!


I have a suspicion that shift being inactive means that you can’t download hotfix when you start the game, but it won’t remove the one you already have active. Leave your game running/sleeping from the day before, and hotfix is still there, no?

Plus, unless you were planning to play at 9:30 am EST on Wednesday (work hours where I am), it probably does not impact you.

It’ll impact me (PT zone) cuz I play a 1/2 hour before I leave for work :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yea that could work.

I’ll be at work myself. I was just bitching for the sake of bitching. Don’t mind me.