Shift woes (AKA, might have to give up getting gold keys)

As it is right now, shift is NOT working.
I try to enter a code, says I need to connect to shift, but no shift sign in screen in game, just a “go online” button that tells me I’m not connected to shift.
Sign into shift via website, sometimes that works, and I can do shift in BL3, sometimes it doesn’t work.
Yes, my shift IS linked (both steam and Epic) according to my profile.

I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing, or if shift is acting up, or what. All I know is I’m sick of being told I’m not signed into shift in game, when I know I am!

Shift has been down at least once (maybe twice?) this weekend. I suspect a combination of the Steam launch, enabling PC cross-play through SHIFT for BL3, and a much larger number of folks staying home than usual due to the coronavirus has strained the system - even XBox Live was down for about an hour this afternoon.

If you’re still having issues connecting tomorrow and there’s nothing showing on the SHIFT status Twitter stream, I would suggest filing a support ticket in case there’s additional steps you can take on your end to nail down the connection.

Seems many people are having this issue, steam forums are filled with nobody who can connect, I also can’t connect from EGS right now :frowning:

Well, at least I know it’s not something I did.

Maybe delay gold key expiration until shift is stable?

Link to SHIFT Status Twitter

SHIFT is down again for scheduled maintenance (7 PM PST, ETA 2 hours).