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Does anyone else find themselves while using melee build kreig only using grog nozzle im currently working to start op lvls and i invested heavily in the hellborn and mania trees thinking of the up close shotgun damage boosts but i find myself using only grog nozzle+melee which seems to be almost invincible is the hellborn and mania trees best for this combo?

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
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Moved you to the Krieg section, where you’re more likely to get relevant advice. Meanwhile, you might want to take a look through some of the relevant builds and guides listed here:

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Thank you!


I’d love to know what your build is and what COM and shield you are using.

If you’re in Hellborn, what are you using for self-ignition? The Grog? Are you using BXR/RtB?

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Yes the grog rough rider shield and i have tons of points in hellborn melee set them on fire as well. As of now i have legendary sickle class mod as it gives huge melee damage. I am invested in hellborn the most but enough in mania to jave release the beast. I have nothing in bloodlust.

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You can fill out your current build here, then copy and paste the URL into a post. That way, folks can easily see how you’ve distributed your skill points:

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Sorry figured it out the second time i did it lol


If you’re not really using guns, the points in the gun-related skills (Embrace the Pain and Elemental Elation) would be better served in Fuel the Fire and Fire Fiend. Otherwise I think the build is fine for sub-OP levels. I’ve not personally done a Hellborn/Mania build so I’m not really in a position to comment how viable it’ll be in the OP’s ; but I can say it’ll be tough on the Peak above OP3.

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Thank! I started off with a gun based kreig with strip the flesh and the explosive skills it was not my cup of tea. I was dead every time i turned around and i get what your saying thank you for the input!


Just for poops, I took one of my Kriegs who happened to be at OP3 and built him like so :

The points in Bloodlust don’t really need to be there but I don’t need them elsewhere. I find just a couple/few points in Flame Flare is enough (sometimes I burn up with 6/5 from the Leg Torch).

Leg Sickle, Rough Rider, Firestorm grenade, health relic.
I started with the Grog but ended up replacing that with a Slagga. No other guns equipped.
I ran through Lynchwood without any issue.

Edit : playing this longer, it’s not really working for me. EE’s healing makes RtB timing unreliable ; and RtB without Bloodbath or Fuel the Blood is pretty limp.


If you’re playing Krieg right you’ll never need Grog Nozzle to feel invincible. Get rid of Thrill of the Kill. It just complicates timing with RtB. You’re better off timing RtB with only Elemental Empathy as your healing source.

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Paging @xmngr.


I tried this out. This is is the quick and nasty build :

This works much better without TotK. Again : RR, Slagga, Harold, Leg Psycho, Blood o’ A’s, Chain Lightning.
Any feedback on this?

Edit - I have no idea why I took Light the Fuse…


What type of playstyle? Are you running Sickle (shown in your image) or Psycho?


Strictly melee with the Slagga and Chain Lightning for slag and maintaining ignition respectively. I’m well acquainted with gun Krieg but have never done melee with Hellborn.


All melee I would run something like this: Points in Fire Fiend can be increased if you don’t rely too heavily on throwing axes by taking points from Elemental Elation.

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Just so you know, Elemental Elation affects Buzzaxe throwing speed.
And Pain is Power affects Melee Critical Damage, so if you want to go for crits (which you should do) avoid speccing in it as it will decrease damage pretty significantly.


Yep. I should have explained why I left points out of PiP and put some in Elemental Elation.