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Do all fire rate bonuses affect throwing speed, or just Elemental Elation?

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I know the deputy’s badge does, but I don’t know if any others do. It’s coded as a pistol in-game.


Only Elemental Elation in terms of Krieg skills.


For some reason Gearbox decided it was a good idea to make it so Embrace the Pain doesn’t work during Buzz Axe Rampage (which kind of doesn’t make sense since it’s in the Mania tree :man_shrugging:). Kind of sad indeed, but other than that any other Fire Rate boost will also increase Buzzaxe throwing speed.

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If that’s the case is there any reason to spec it if I’m not using guns? If one can take two points from Hellborn, one can spec StF instead and put a point in Bombadier and one in Fuel (for the COM to boost).

Something like this? :

Or is it a waste trying to get to Fuel the Blood?

Edit - Also, EE is seriously getting in the way of RtB. Not screwing up my timing, simply preventing it in the first place. I sit there getting hammered and RR’s fireballs keep my EE healing up. I actually went back to the one point in TotK and ditched EE. I haven’t tried it extensively but it seems to work better.

Remember I’m playing this guy at OP3, so those fireballs are pretty strong.

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Not unless you need the extra shield recharge delay time for FotFH.


Unless you’re using FotF, not really …

Edit : oh crap @Gulfwulf already said that. Sorry ! :smile:

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Are you running Legendary Sickle or Psycho mod?

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Right - you did ask me that and I didn’t answer : Leg Sickle only


Yeah maybe it’s the OP levels making the difference then with the amount of healing you get back. RtB is mostly a safety net for me at OP8 so I can see how EE healing gets in the way when you’re actively trying to RtB at every opportunity.

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I’ve ended up going with the one point in Thrill instead of EE and this works well enough. Things die and I don’t.


Even at OP8 you can make elemental empathy and raving retribution heal faster than enemies can damage you, mostly on bandit-heavy areas with lots of fleshy, gun-wielding enemies like Lynchwood but not so often on other. I still like it though as the healing is also tied to how offensive you play (and because it is the closest to being a badass-like/tank).

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Elemental Empathy and a big DoT weapon.

Yes, I’m rusty AF xD