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Do all fire rate bonuses affect throwing speed, or just Elemental Elation?

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I know the deputy’s badge does, but I don’t know if any others do. It’s coded as a pistol in-game.


Only Elemental Elation in terms of Krieg skills.

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For some reason Gearbox decided it was a good idea to make it so Embrace the Pain doesn’t work during Buzz Axe Rampage (which kind of doesn’t make sense since it’s in the Mania tree :man_shrugging:). Kind of sad indeed, but other than that any other Fire Rate boost will also increase Buzzaxe throwing speed.


If that’s the case is there any reason to spec it if I’m not using guns? If one can take two points from Hellborn, one can spec StF instead and put a point in Bombadier and one in Fuel (for the COM to boost).

Something like this? :

Or is it a waste trying to get to Fuel the Blood?

Edit - Also, EE is seriously getting in the way of RtB. Not screwing up my timing, simply preventing it in the first place. I sit there getting hammered and RR’s fireballs keep my EE healing up. I actually went back to the one point in TotK and ditched EE. I haven’t tried it extensively but it seems to work better.

Remember I’m playing this guy at OP3, so those fireballs are pretty strong.

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Not unless you need the extra shield recharge delay time for FotFH.

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Unless you’re using FotF, not really …

Edit : oh crap @Gulfwulf already said that. Sorry ! :smile:

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Are you running Legendary Sickle or Psycho mod?


Right - you did ask me that and I didn’t answer : Leg Sickle only


Yeah maybe it’s the OP levels making the difference then with the amount of healing you get back. RtB is mostly a safety net for me at OP8 so I can see how EE healing gets in the way when you’re actively trying to RtB at every opportunity.


I’ve ended up going with the one point in Thrill instead of EE and this works well enough. Things die and I don’t.


Even at OP8 you can make elemental empathy and raving retribution heal faster than enemies can damage you, mostly on bandit-heavy areas with lots of fleshy, gun-wielding enemies like Lynchwood but not so often on other. I still like it though as the healing is also tied to how offensive you play (and because it is the closest to being a badass-like/tank).