[Ship Creator] Space Engineers!

I have returned yet again with ideas!

I have found a neat way of making ship models by playing a game…I am using Space Engineers to make my ships atm and all i do is make a ship and then export it to blender as a .Obj and done…i have a un-textured ship all ready for me :smiley:

Here is an example:


What is space engineers? Do you find that quicker than modelling in max or blender?

I like that ship. Scout? Corvette?

Space Engineers is a Physics-based-Voxel-Space-Survival-Sandbox created by Keen Software

and if you have the time and the patience to build a ship block by block i think it is worth the time…if you do not succumb to the maddening 3D space that you are placed into :grin:

Edit: The ship is meant to be a scout/fighter

Also when you build your ship in Space Engineers you must export it (it only exports in .Obj) and then import it into a program like Blender or Max to make it usable in HW…as of this moment i have not gotten this ship into the game to test it but i would be very happy to see others do it

Edit: the Game costs $24.99 USD