Ship design discussion thread

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #1

Can we have a discussion around some concept ships? I will propose a concept and we can discuss it. What role would it have? What race would it be? Did it inspire something else that did make it into the game? Does it look cool? What makes it look cool? @Kragle @Pouk I want to hear your voices!

To start us off, Aaron Kambeitz “freighters”:

(REARM V2) #2

While they are all freighters, the second one could very well be a medium Taiidan Cruiser right now exactly as it is (maybe except the engines). And the last one a light Kushan Carrier.

The third one feels slightly too fragile for Homeworld to me, but it has a nice turret (providing, it is a turret :slight_smile: ). And the first one feels like it’s only a one third of a whole ship to me. But it’s ver “Homeworldy”.

Nevertheless they are all really nice.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #3

To me it looks like the first one got developed into the second one…

I like your point about the carrier.

(doci7) #4

The concept looks more Homeworld 2 than Homeworld 1 to me. Though there is some form and features, these seem somewhat monolithic overall, and therefore make me think a lot more of HW2. The middle two remind me of Keepers, or perhaps more precisely, a mod Progenitor ship with heavy Keeper inspiration:

So I guess I could see the top 3 being some kind of Progenitor utility ship, but the bottom one seems more vaguely Hiigaran. I can see some Kushan in it like Pouk, mostly because of the engine. And I agree with him that the second one could be easily adapted to a Taiidan cruiser of sorts, particularly if the circular elements were taken out and replaced with some kind of bulky, blocky protrusions.

I think I like the top drawing best, but I also agree with Pouk that it isn’t complete as it is. I think if you added a whole other segment to the ship under the existing bit you could make something pretty interesting looking, though lool, I’ve no idea what.

Furthermore I’d like to say that I think this is a superb idea for a thread! I’m very glad you thought of it, and I thank you very much for expressly wanting to include me in it :smile:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #5

Wow! I had not seen that modded Progenitor ship, or thought that any of those ships looked Progenitor-ish.

I’m interested that you both mention the Taiidan cruiser aspects of the second one. As you can see, they do have similar proportions and some shared shapes. Why would you get rid of the circular elements? Taiidan ships do have circular bits. Even the Heavy Cruiser has a couple of circles visible in the image below:

(doci7) #6

They just seem to be in the way of where you might put more important and functional things like guns and stuff.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #7

It seems also to be linked to this, the freighter from the Kadesh cutscene. I always loved this ship. I see it as the kind of civilian equivalent of the Qwaar-Jet.

(doci7) #8

I’m not very well-versed in the cutscene ships; I’m very glad you brought it up! That’s a hip ship, and indeed, reminiscent of the concept!

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #9

Ok, how about thse ones? Try not to talk about the Vaygr, this is actually lifted from the Homeworld 1 credits…

What I like about these sketches is that there is a clear scout/interceptor/bomber distinction, but they also belong very obviously to the same family. In some ways I find these designs more visually interesting than the actual Kushan strike craft.

(doci7) #10

Sorry for a very long delay; I didn’t receive any notification of the previous post!

I don’t have any problem not talking about Vaygr on this one, though it also would have been easy to talk about Vaygr here. There are some Taiidan and Kushan (as we know them) design elements present and mixed together here, but oddly, what this really makes me think of is Turanic Raiders. The fighters are a good mix of blocky scruffiness, and have rather unusual and exotic form. If I was going to try to make a new generation of Turanic fighters I would be glad to use this as a starting point. I think it’s interesting how some of the cockpits appear very Taiidan and also a couple of the engine intakes look incredibly similar to the one on the underside of Taiidan interceptors, except inverted. Still makes me think of Turanics - they could be ships from the post-Cataclysm era, incorporating Taiidan components sold to the Turanics by the Imperial remnant for some much-needed dough.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #11

I also have this problem. @Psychichazard a few of us hang out mostly in the mods and modding section but are also interested in this area. However we don’t seem to get the notifications. Do you know why?

I can see that. They also put me in mind of the junkyard autoguns. I think they would not look too out of place escorting a junkyard dog…


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If you’ve already done this, I’m gonna need to dig deeper…

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #13

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Hmmmm. That’s not groovy. Let me dig around, might have to get the Oranges in on this one.

(doci7) #15

Goodness gracious, you’re right! If you take the cockpits away you’d have something fiercely similar to those autoguns!

Thanks; I’m on Watching now.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #16

ok, here’s one:

For some reason it is called “RCBadger”. Presumably RC = Rob Cunningham, but badger = ??

To me this one is a freighter or some other civilian ship. I’m not sure I like the back section with the strange tapering, but the rest I think is great. Kind of a vertical bishop… Maybe a Vaygr transport…

EDIT: @Kragle @Pouk @EatThePath @Sastrei @Talros just to get your attention to this thread in case you are interested.

(doci7) #17

It does seem like it could be a very large Vaygr freighter, having many elements of Vaygr design; like you mentioned it seems to be rather taller than wide, plus it has their tendency toward hard, sharp, straight edges in the front and sort of softer, ‘roundier’ form in the engine department. Also has those free-floating antennae very much like you’d find on their probe.

It’s not terribly hard to believe it could be a warship either though, especially if it’s Vaygr, whose warship designs are increasingly less broken up by turrets the bigger you go. There would be plenty of room for dorsal or ventral missile silos, it looks like.

The background in this picture is extremely rad, I should also mention :+1::+1::+1:

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #18

How about this one? I only discovered this recently, not sure where it had been hiding:

It is obviously an early concept of the Taiidan Destroyer. I love the kinked lower “wings”, which remind me of the Vought Corsair, a brilliant example of functionality meeting beauty. Not sure about the long barrels, that’s more of a Fulcrum thing, but I feel very inspired to make this almost as-is for a Taiidan Republic destroyer…

(Goose3) #19

There already is a perfect model recreation in one of the hw1 mods. Unfinished of course but the un-textured model portrayed the ship 1to1 perfectly. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which mod that was. Back then I was checking through HW1 mods to find potential additional ship models or even entire races for usage in Homeworld Universe mod.

It was listed somewhere on JST…

Check out the hw1 mods if you want to revive the model… The original model author surely wouldn’t mind seeing getting it textured considering how it never got finished in the first place. It might be a nice tribute to his reconstruction work.

(Siber) #20

It’s an interesting ship, but I’d put it on the list of concepts that were definitely improved before completion. The ‘head’ of it looks great, though I’m with you on the guns(Spindly barrels in Fulcrum are confined to specific factions, and the taiidan aren’t one of them, see our repDD for instance). The back half of the ship though looks fragile, too narrlw and too weakly attached tot he rest to me. Plus the weird sensor cluster that I think appeared on some other taiidan ships in early concepts. There’s some perspective weirdness going on to my eyes too, but that’s less of a design issue.

You could probably salvage the front half for a good new destroyer, it looks brutally mean. I might show it to Talhydras(fulcrum concept art man) when our attention returns to the confed destroyer. But I don’t think as-is it’s a good fit anywhere. Much more a relic of an older iteration of the Taiidan style, as seen in the ships around it too.

Cool find! I am pretty sure I haven’t seen that particular concept before.