Ship design inspired by homeworld on TV?

Hmmmm, so there’s this new SciFi series “Dark Matter”.
And here’s an article on the design of the main space ship (lots of pictures).

While they describe the inception of the ship pretty detailed, it still feels very homeworldesque. With a more vibrant colour scheme it would fit right in :smiley: Enjoy

Looks more Stargate inspired to me. Too much bulk. Not enough boom (as in “boom sticks” on the hulls). The pyramid shapes to me come straight from Stargate. My issue is those big ass bulky ships with itty bitty tiny little engines (of course it will be technobabbled away as in “super all powerful microwarp drives”). The force field protected hangar bays have been around since 1977’s Star Wars.

Least the HW designs are reasonably proportioned. The big ass engines can move the ships so fast (in a non-newtonian enviroment), and they need Hyperspace (wormhole?) to go FTL. Maneuvering thrusters are visible on the strike craft. Despite them not really being used in game. (the effect probably would have been too resource intensive). The HW designs (and gameplay) sort of reminds me of WW2 naval combat, but in a 3d environment. Each ship has a purpose, and the art department did a good job of showing this.

In any case i can see why anyone would want to use HW as an inspiration to design ships. The overall designs make sense.


Damn. Just imagine Homeworld with that kind of model detail.
Homeworld 3 perhaps?

The carrier seems like a real seafaring carrier on top of two space engines. Seems a bit lazy.

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yep, I did not like the carrier as well. The other ship, though… nice one. Just, as already mentioned by @Major_Stress, the engines seem kinda small for the ship (though I do not know about the physics in low-gravity). But interesting to see the different stages of ship creation. I’ve also wondered at times, what kind of restrictions acceleration forces pose on ship design i.e. one could think because of no/low gravity and no/low friction you can let your fantasy run wild with crazy ship designs, but I wonder about the tension within the different parts of the hull when accelerating. As I said, I have not checked on the actual physics on that topic.

If these ships look like anything in Homeworld to me, it’s Somtaaw ships.

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You are right:

Drawing by Norsehound
(At least this one has proportionally sized engines.)
Check out his full deviantart page…
Lots of homeworld designs from ships to maps:

Absolutely awesome.


Those somtaaw designs are actually pretty good. Least the artist tried to keep things symmetrical. The engine designs make sense with maneuvering thrusters built into them. Sort of an attempt to keep dangerous components away from the living areas. Only issue i have is the torpedoes fire from an area that looks to be right next to the bridge. If those areas were external weapon pods then yes it would have made much more sense.

The thing about rocketry is you cant have rocket nozzles on the “bottom” of a ship way off center of gravity. Not unless you want the ship to spin out of control (This is why i love Kerbal Space Program). This is something sci fi writers seem to forget about. Sure its fantasy make believe, but you still have to take real science into consideration.

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Maybe they have a small thruster to produce a counter moment?