Shipbreakers, Unity and all homeworld mods

I propose to make a mod called “Desserts of Kharak”. Here is one of the concept units:

But I’ll need some more team members and concept ideas before this can really get off the ground.


We’ve also got kharak kake and kiithcream so far. :slight_smile:

I’m free for beta-testing those :grin:

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yea same :smiley:

How about putting a giant turret on it that fires… Custard? :wink:

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How do you call that strike group / formation? Pyramid?

First lines of the HW Historical and Techinal Recipe:

… 100 years ago, a big nose detected a cream under the pasta of the Great Dessert …


Being really Serious here…a Warhammer 40k mod would fit in quite well if modding becomes a thing

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yeah lets ruin the aesthetics with orcs and ■■■■■■■■ space marines with armors the size of a small planet.

Hey, Warhammer40k isn’t my cup of tea, but if people want a large scale RTS to enjoy it in I see no reason to rain on their parade.


No one is forcing you to play the mod, so why do you have to belittle someone elses taste in games which is just as valid as your own? aesthetics and taste are purely subjective matters after all. Someone else might find the aesthetics and artstyle of Homeworld to be ugly and “■■■■■■■■”, to use your words, but most of them simply ignore it since no one is forcing them to buy/download/watch etc. it, diversity after all is something great and positive, not something bad.

I am sure there are also people who don’t like Star Wars/Stargate/Star Trek/[insert any Sci-Fi universe] but I don’t see them telling the authors of those mods and their fans that it is bad and should not be made just because they personally don’t like it. If only things were made/ allowed to exist that everyone likes, the universe would cease to exist.

I didn’t act like anything. I never said this is the only challenge , but it is the main features required above standard object interaction.

Unity has many render pipelines , however the options used in shipbreakers could be anything , plus render pipelines are not simply the methods to rendering but the process, simple research will tell you this.

Regarding your other comments none of those features need be ‘scraped’ simply not handled by custom objects -again very basic research on any object based high level language will tell you this.

Lastly , the reason behind these options are quite obvious and pointed out by others.

Great points , it took 11months to code M.I.X; which would take significantly less time with c# unity script. And as you mentioned : more people willing to jump in on these modern engines.

So you’re still, y’know, writing a whole new movement system and re-writing the camera controls for your custom objects. Easy peasie lemon squeezy. Except not. You can’t just extend a navmesh based movement system (which pretty much guaranteed is what BBI is using, since it’s pretty standard) to work where there is no environment geometry.

Really? Where? I’ve mostly seen people doubting the feasibility of modding it that much, and Chimas pointing out that one of the primary blocks to making mods is not enough good texture artists. Which is not a problem that magically goes away just because you’re using Unity.

And back to your edited first post:[quote=“sirshelley, post:1, topic:1123504”]
.No it would not be easier to make an engine from scratch: I don’t know where to begin with how much nope this is.
I never said “make an engine from scratch.” I said make a Homeworld style 3D RTS game in Unity from scratch.

Rule 1 of software development: Any time someone says “this shouldn’t be hard” or “this isn’t a great deal of work” or “a talented programmer should be able to do this easily” they are either lying or they are ignorant. Taking somebody’s existing codebase and modifying it to do something that it was explicitly not designed for is not easy. EVER. Even when you have full access to the source code, let alone when you only have some high level scripting access as you would when you’re modding. “But it’s UNITY!” DOESN’T MATTER.

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I don’t know squat about coding, but I find this incredibly easy to believe. Case in point is the very forum we’re posting in… Gearbox has full total complete access to everything ever about HW2’s source, and they’ve been working tirelessly for nearly a year (plus the entire pre-release duration, however long that is) just to add in a handful of play features and reorganize the file structure. I mean, evidently this isn’t a unity game, whatever that really means, but even unlimited access hasn’t been the silver bullet to make everything play nice for a team of professional developers.


Nope again i’m afraid; and I never said it was easy, just not complicated.

Movement system would use the same system.
Camera control modification ,if required are 3 equations.
Navmesh is easily modded here, you simply provide it with either Null inputs or as suggested previous; keep a flat terrain with 0 alpha/invisible to camera without collision detection against fleet assets.

Null comment

Again, out of scope, unity 3D RTS is otherwise known as a game.
And yes it is quite easy under certain contexts; examples include Gary’s mod , ARMA to name a few.
I’m not aware of your experience but any, realist decent programmer will tell you: it depends.
To your other assumptions, I never even hinted at those opinions.

I would share your concerns given the lack of research:

Those play features have been a pain due to the generally static systems of HW; therefore options are very limited.

Unlimited simply isn’t the issue with HW.
I would explain but it’s outside the scope of this post.
Although in summary: context of the systems.

[quote=“sirshelley, post:36, topic:1123504”]
Navmesh is easily modded here, you simply provide it with either Null inputs or as suggested previous; keep a flat terrain with 0 alpha/invisible to camera without collision detection against fleet assets.
[/quote] Then you don’t have 3D movement, so what’s the point?

I also don’t have knowledge on coding.
I still don’t understand why you’d want to mess with DoK as a base for a space HW, it doesn’t make any sense for me at all.
For example, Isn’t Shallow Space made in Unity? (really asking, I haven’t checked)
Why not endeavouring via Shallow Space progress?

Another thing to discuss is: we already have an engine to work and we haven’t got through “5%” of it. If we didn’t reach the limits of this engine, why moving on to another one that we will not reach the limits of the engine either? I mean, with so many Unity coders we have only one RTS game in space in that engine. If it would be more accessible, we would have more games available.

But if you tell me that Unity has far more accessible tools for the average coder/artist/developer, than I’ll tend to agree with you. Because so far, HW for modding is still painful, but I won’t blame the developers and I’ll patiently wait for thing s to evolve, meanwhile I’ll try to do certain things. Yet, I don’t see problems with advanced coding in HW engine, it’s more basic coding. If HW would have migrated to Unity, we would be having far more results on the modder side by now. But without the support of the game owners, it just don’t make sense to me.

yeah, it’s Unity.
“Unity’s comprehensive design tool affords us the luxury of being able to really shape the UI to fit the game.”