Ships facing away from a fight

I scrolled through posts to see if this had already been noted, but didn’t see anything, so forgive me if it has already been brought up.

Does anyone else notice that HW1 capital ships will face AWAY from target strike craft when those craft are locked down by a gravity well? Rather than maintain a certain distance, face the target, and shoot…frigates, destroyers, and cruisers will turn around and face the wrong way. This means that maybe half of their guns are brought to target. Its bad enough that the ‘hit chance’ mechanic doesn’t consider the target’s velocity, making even gravwell-bound strike craft nearly impossible to hit.

This also includes the Junkyard Dog ship in the Karos Graveyard. Drives me nuts when all of my ships just turn away from him and start shooting the debris all around.

End of rant.

I also noticed this. It is quite annoying so I hope it is fixed in another patch, but the devs are quite busy at the moment, based on the fact that they have not posted in weeks so we cannot hope for anything yet. Just wait, and they will release something big soon! :wink:

Also, I had a Heavy Cruiser stolen and the 4 other heavy cruisers I had started shooting the debris for no apparent reason. I then got so frustrated I destroyed all my ships and started again.