Ships models in HW2 Remastered are.. bad

They are typically same as in old HW2. For example take any ship and zoom in. You can see a sharp edges, somewhere low textures (everything running on Ultra), round objects are not round, instead they are octagon-ish.

In HW1 every ship’s model was really good - soft edges, max detail everywhere… It just feels like devs were forced to release game before they finished polishing it. While all these small things are not seen in game (until you zoom in), they can make you sad…

Maybe there are some mods which fix it?

Mods are hard to make and the game is technically a Beta still.

This really is YOUR opinion. Everyone has one. Thanks for letting us know yours.


I disagree with OP. The HW2 models were made sharper and given new textures. They did not require an extensive facelift, like the original ones as they were already very good. I think that graphically the game is superb. I had lots of fun with HW2 remastered.
HW1 remastered has issues that are being fixed but to call it a beta is wrong.


I disagree as well, maybe you could take some screenshots and look at them side by side, all the new textures and graphics made the game look much better than before, so I don’t really understand how you can’t see that unless you’re halfblind.


I wouldn’t really call them bad, they look ok but not as good as the HW1R ones because they’re completely new models. The HW2R models are just reskins with a bit more detail and better textures compared to the HW2 ones, they’re still the same model.


Yeah, a few minor fixes and they will be amazing! Not like they aren’t already! :wink:

yeah some of the issue with the hw2 remastered models is the lack of smoothing and beveling/chamfering. i’ve made a thread about this as well.


Wait the for patch. Ot the patch after that.

The HW2 ships have MANY changes - but we still generally didn’t ‘upgrade’ the meshes to certain people’s standards - mostly because as they were shipped was intentional. They don’t ‘lack’ beveling/chamfering - any more than you ‘lack’ 2 extra arms because I happen to prefer that everyone look like Goro.