Shlooter 1000% drop chance my ass

I made a forums account just to say that I can’t believe i wasted my vault keys on this piece of garbage
I ran through the entirety of ascension bluff and guts of carnivora level 52 on mayhem 3 and got 7 legendary world drops of garbage, one of them were siren marks. What the ■■■■ gearbox? why are the drop rates so ■■■■? did randy pitchford watch some ■■■■ ■■■■ streamer say that the rates were too high and followed their word? can we have back the good drop rates that were here a year ago? please?

Farm some easy (main game) bosses… Or takedown whatever floats your boat.

Or slaughter…

If you want main game classmods, finish trails under 5 minutes (might want to disable cartel event seeing it spawns a bunch of extras)

World drops where only good for artifacts wich they should just revert back to old values

i blame randy pitchford, every time he walks into the office everyone gets distracted by him and the fact that he’s randy pitchford, one time he walked into a firing range on accident and the bullets just bounced off of him

and then it turns out the value fix made the duration bug to 1,2sec


Try in offline mode (pre nerf); at mayhem 4 I found a pretty decent amount of legendaries (at least 10 only from skags you have to kill soon after freeing Vaughn). At Mayhem 11 the drop rate is insane (more than 100 in five Shaft rounds); I think it’s the better way for class mods and artifact farming.

Edit: 160 legendaries in the Shaft :slight_smile: I prefer this over scraptrap because less repetitive, much more drop variety, rapid farm of 500 eridium killing myself after boss drop

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Doing it online with lootsplosion + scraptraps and shooter; my maps filled within 15 minutes

You do realise that its 1000 percent of the initial drop chance, not simply adding 1000 percent.


That would suggest that it increases world drop chance by a factor of ~10x. (+1000% means 1% becomes 11%, 10% becomes 110%, etc.)

Except I’m not convinced it does even that? It’s a bit hard to tell without knowing how many rolls at the WD pool different tier enemies get, whether they all have the same drop chance per roll, and being able to track mob composition while clearing zones.


Its effect is not always on either, isn’t it conditional on kill? Probably does not matter much in dense maps, but yes, if your badass had 1% probability of legendary drop, now it’s 11%, which is noticeable, but probably not going to cover the floor with stars the same as 100000% boost did. :slight_smile:

It is, but mine at least has a 12s duration and, while mobbing, it’s pretty easy to keep it on the whole time. Even with someone like Gigamind, I just needed the one add before finishing him off.

Doing this the same way but avoiding the hotfix ( shlooter @ 100,000%) 1 run maxes out the spawnable legends, continuing to do it overwrites the previous amount… by the 6th run my system crashed.

So I can assume it was nerfed for performance

I’m more of the opinion that the original value was likely a mistake by whoever added the item. But not having it crash the game is definitely a good reason to change it regardless of how the initial value got there.

Why even farm pre-max level

Yes… however hilarious it is to see 5-9 legendaries pop out of scrapbot, it’s definitely a bit much
And… no purples, I’m still hunting for 2 alien pistols, shield and some nades

Pair it with Butt Stallion’s Milk from the arcade machine in Tannis’ lab on Sanctuary 3… Nothing but legendaries (almost) when Schlooter is active with Butt Stallion’s Milk, in M11. You could even pair with lootsplosion in M10.

Oh… You don’t get legendaries with every enemy, either… Only badass and above, I believe.

Katagawa Jr’s death animation takes longer than the Shlooter aura lasts after killing one of his clones. :joy: :gun:

Just occured to me that the shlooter has another hidden buff…

Its buffed forum activity 1000 percent :yum::rofl::rofl:


Btw the number on the card means nothing, it doesnt directly effect anything, its just a funky number that angers people.
It’s estimated that you can get 5~6 x the drops despite the card saying 1000% implying a 11x increase

Right - where does the 5-6X increase in drops come from then? :slight_smile:

I suspect it’s not perceived as 10x because a) no one ever did a good job of measuring the baseline (plus it’s noisy as hell, because RNG and low probabilities) , and b) boost is not on all the time.

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It really is 1000% and the initial drop rate is just that bad. :rofl: