Shlooter + Arms Race

= profit?

Once your Vault card 2 is maxed out save your keys for farming arms race with this item.


the question is how much of a change happened between pre nerf and current stats. until then can we see.

also, pretty sure it wont work in arms race since they strip you of everything when you enter

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Looks like it’s down to 1000%. You enter Arms Race with no gear but you can claim vault card items in there and use them.


Like old mate said below you can claim gear in arms race if you’ve got the keys. Just don’t forget to extract it.

Also, all arms race gear can world drop from arms race badasses. Any % increase will make life easier.

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More like a waste of keys to get a few more woodblockers


Practically….how is the nerf affecting the drops.”

From “golden rain” down to a few more…??

Or are we still seeing A LOT more drops than not using it….even after ner?

GENIUS! NICE! Looking forward to return from my summer travels.

I asked LazyData who I’ve known a long time and who is one of the games best players IMHO, what he thought the actual drops were now that this relic was nerfed.

Practically…in words I could understand. Not percentages.

He said that in his runs in the slaughter shaft….
Wearing the relic was giving 4-5 times….maybe more ….Legendaries

I average 10-15 Legendaries in an M11 Run through the entire Slaughter Shaft without a Relic.

If he was getting 5 times that number…that’s 50-75.

That’s a lotta Legendaries!

@cailte The advice about keeping your keys to redeem a Shlooter during Arms Race is pretty solid, I like the way you think! +1 internets to you!*

*I feel like this reference might reveal my true age, I doubt the cool kids say “+1 internets” these days. :rofl:


So…. I finally scored 5 keys and got the artifact fully thinking I would be mildly disappointed with the hype, nerf, etc. The following is not much of a data pool but was all I had time for today.

Hit Gravewarden 20 times and it appeared to be EXACTLY like pre nerf drop rates. He dropped a low of 4 legos and a max of 11. Averaged 6 or 7 per kill. Lots of artifacts and coms!

Hit Ruiner and the drops appeared exactly like post nerf and the legos were the same with or without the artifact equipped. Zero to 3 legos per kill.

IMO the increase in world drop artifacts and coms alone is worth a spot my pack.

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I’m currently testing the artifact in arms race and not seeing any difference to drop rates. But that was starting with a white pistol so maybe I’m not killing things quickly enough. Gonna do next run with the redeemed weapons as well as the artifact.


when active you’ll get a green glow around the screen (makes it a bit easier)

but you’ll probably need to be pretty efficient in arms race to kill within the time the effect lasts (or kill a normal enemy and then kill a badass)

currently trying it on standard game VS. DLC (and it’s not looking like it’s working in DLC)

Eista doesn’t even seem to trigger the effect :rofl:

Testing me too in arm race (offline mode): waited a good run (= strong weapons, shield and grenade) so I could easily test shlooter:

  • nothing with weak enemies (skags)
  • nothing with strong enemies (one dropped plasma coil but it can normally happen …)
  • nothing with legendary chests (if you try with base game also “green” chest give four legendaries); I tried with the “torrent” chests where is simple kill enemies nearby before opening
  • two legendaries from boss (dark army and toboggan)
    So a lucky run for sure :slight_smile: but not enhanced by artifact

probably the same as the other DLC’s :wink:

haven’t tried Ava’s maps yet though

Doesn’t appear to work in Arms Race, at least not for me:

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Ah man. That’s disappointing. Do think it plain doesn’t work, or that world drop rates are so low that the difference is imperceptible?

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RE Arms Race it wouldn’t surprise me if it was broken there because of how that map has its own unique set of loot and scaling rules as opposed to the rest of the game’s world. (The artifact’s code doesn’t recognize the arms race code and thus it breaks.)

If it’s not working on other DLC (I haven’t tried yet myself) it could be something similar happening: the DLC have items that ‘world drop’ only in those DLC and those extra arrays of items in the data files might be causing a bad interaction (in that it breaks it) with the artifact.

What do you mean?

First part of post was referencing the reduction of the legendary drop chance boost on Shlooter from 100,000% to 1000% but that was because I initially misread the post I was replying to.

2nd part is what’s being discussed in this thread now. Entering arms race and then using vault card keys to claim/re-roll items in order to use them in Arms race.

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Urban dictionary my best friend :grinning: