Shlooter - does it work outside Mayhem?

So got the initial shlooter on a newer character who hadn’t completed the main story. Wore it through end of Eden-6 until killing Tyrene. Legendary drops were consistently unimpressive. Most bosses dropped no legendaries or only a dedicated drop.

Got a second shlooter on a level 72, Mayhem 11 character, and the legendaries are plentiful. Is anyone else seeing issues with the shlooter outside of Mayhem?

I haven’t played on normal mode in… god, has it been over a year? O_O

That said, the Shlooter doesn’t affect dedicated drops, no matter the mode.

I see a difference at level 72 sans Mayhem with it rather than without. Keep in mind that the Shlooter is a multiplier of x10, so whatever the base drop rate is, it’s multiplying that number. Mayhem Levels already have an existing drop rate multiplier so it’s boosting an already boosted rate (x12.5 for Mayhem 11), which creates a significant difference between mayhem and non-mayhem.

The one thing I can’t speak to is, whether like in previous BL games, the higher your level, the better the loot? Main story level cap without mayhem on normal mode is 46 for Tyreen, so that difference of 26 levels might have impacted drop rates as well.


Does anyone know whether there are plans to make it work with DLCs and their world drops?

My guess would be no. Que the apologists spouting some BS about DLC content interacting with each other. :poop:

Which is why they should’ve left the drop rates as they were pre-nerf, which affected DLC drops too, and made an anti-Shlooter artifact for the players who wanted lower rates.


Apologies, should have been clearer in my example that I was talking about world drops that come with dedicated boss drops. Used to seeing a few world drops alongside a dedicated boss drop. Playing on normal mode again at a lower level has been shocking as far as legendaries go.

Lol. I guess 1000x next to nothing is still pretty much next to nothing.

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Yes it works… it claimed a lv 14 one and ran though the campaign before the Nerf and got 100+ legendary items. But now I don’t get much at all even from M10 boss kills sometimes lucky to get 2

The Shlooter most definitely does work with DLC world drops. It will not help with dedicated drops, but it will increase the spawn odds of the world drops assigned to the pool. You can easily prove this with Ruiner if you have a doubt. I get about 5-6 legendaries each Ruiner kill with the Shlooter active. 1-2 without.

I think I might have read somewhere that because badasses have a higher chance to drop world drops anyway, that it is more useful to kill a normal mob enemy to get the Shlooter active and then kill the badass.


I’m pretty sure people have already delved into the Shlooter’s coding and confirmed it doesn’t affect anything outside the main game, but since I didn’t do it personally, I’m just gonna say this one isn’t fully confirmed. The amount of times a single person would have to farm a single boss to show a consistent, significant difference in drops, that couldn’t just be attributed to luck swings, would be staggering. Hundreds, if not multiple thousands of times.

@otacon305 It’s certainly possible that it only works with certain bosses as well, so I could have mistakenly overstated my premise. But I regularly get more DLC world drops from mini-bosses and bosses by using the Shlooter. I assumed this was the way it worked all around for all DLC bosses, but in no way have I tested them all.

On Ruiner, just as an example, using the Shlooter, on each kill I typically I am seeing 2-3 of the Flipper, Blanc, Dowsing Rod, Harold, Light Show, and I believe there are several others that can world drop there as well. That’s in addition to the Bloom and an absolute ton of COMs and artifacts. Again, maybe 5-7 total leggos on most Ruiner kills, which had been far in excess of the drops I typically was seeing. Using Mayhem 10, Lootsplosion as well, so that could affect drop rates overall.

YMMV, I guess. The results I have gotten seem clear that Shlooter is affecting DLC world drop rates. But who knows, it could be in my head.

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Consistent with what I’m seeing as well. If you intentionally load in without hotfixes the Shlooter reverts back to 100,000% and the difference in dlc world drops from Freddie is pretty apparent. He drops 4-5 dlc1 world drop items out of 20 or so total legendaries each kill. Great farm for Ion Laser, Heartbreakers, etc.

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The Schlooter has been boosting drops for mobs in the compactor for me the last couple of days. Here’s how it went during lunch today. DLC world drops from Loaders, some Bad Ass, some Sgt. Loaders, and Scrap Traps on Mayhem 10. I didn’t take pictures of every drop, because I wasn’t thinking about this thread. Next time I make a run I will.

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@Isthiswill Wow, I bet the Scraptrap Nest is a really great place to farm your Jackpot DLC gear with the Shlooter. Hadn’t even thought of that. Will have to try that for some Heartbreakers and better Seein Deads.

And I did it with the game Online with Hotfixes applied rather than going offline and getting the original value for the Shlooter. I got two or 3 Ion Lasers, 3 Heartbreakers, 2 Creamers, 2 Boomers, a Lucky 7, 2 Craps, and a Bunch of class mods I didn’t need in just one run.

It started off with me just going to the Black Market Vendor in Meridian Metropolis to waste money on Bearcats to see if Moze’s Grenade Crit skill would work for it, and I needed to kill a half hour for it to restock to get the last element I needed, so I did that, and there you have it.

I’m on Steam for those wondering which platform if you happen to think that’s a factor.

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@Isthiswill Yeah none of my results were achieved by playing offline, I was just playing totally vanilla with all hotfixes active on Xbone.

Again, I’m not saying “I know for sure it doesn’t work in DLCs”. I’m just saying I’ve heard multiple people using it, and getting drops just as poor and infrequent as without it, playing as much or more.

Yes… if you do it offline the sheer amount of base world drops trumps the dlc ones. will find dlc drops are only dropping from badass cartel bots with the event running

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OK, for comparison, I went to Atlas HQ and killed the Rangers with Guardian Rank on. I killed 3 of them with the artifact active on screen, and two after it had faded, no Lootsplotion either. But the Loot the Universe event is active there so…:

Mostly dedicated drops, Vanquisher, Helix, but also a Rowan’s Call.

Then I turned of Guardian Rank and took out Katagawa:

Lucian’s Coil, Sawbar, Storm, and a couple of class mods.

On to the Compactor and…

With perks and Guardian Rank off I got 1 Legendary in the Cube Area:

And then nothing from the Scraptrap Nest, and four from Scraptrap Prime, so I’m wondering if the Treasure Hunter perk and 12%ish boost to luck I have in Guardian Rank was responsible for ALL that extra loot, or the Shlooter is multiplying those numbers, so if they are disabled it take no effect?:

I’m going to rerun that area with Treasure Hunter Off, but Guardian Rank on and see how it goes.

And the answer is that with the Treasure Hunter perk of the drops were very scant, even with the 12% boost from Guardian Rank, so it seems there maybe a very favorable interaction between Treasure Hunter Perk and Shlooter.

I got zero mob legendaries and only Scraptrap Prime dropped anything, and it was DLC world drops: St4kbot, Seeing Dead, Lucky 7, and a regular world drop a Turbo Ten Gallon.

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