Shlooter... How high do they go?

Just bought a 100,000% Shlooter artifact. Wondering if they can be higher yet.

My understanding is that it’s supposed to be a fixed %, and that it got reduced from the original value of 100,000% to 1,000% via hotfix the same day the new items launched. ICBW of course, but the announcement thread and a couple of others have been chewing that over since Thursday.

Wierd… Just got this one today. All hotfixes applied.

Guess I should use it eh!

Probably should make the most of it while you can.

Pretty sure my level 72 obtained on ML2 was 1000%, and someone posted a screen shot earlier of a level 29 obtained on ML11 that was also 1000%. (I’ll check mine later to see if it’s changed - supper time right now)

Just don’t crash your system with all the loot!

Seems to have reverted back to 1000% anyways. Oh well… Kinda cool while it lasted.

You can still enjoy it, if go offline to prevent the hotfix being applied. Most of the previous hotfixes were patched in with the last update so there is not much reason to allow the new hotfixes anyway.