Shlooter is fine, lets make the Loaded Dice better

The loaded dice actually has some really great potential as a glass tank item because of its hidden effects.
It reduces max health by 75% as it says but it also works like the Otto Idol in that it grants +25% health on a kill allowing you to quickly get above health gate when you get hurt, this actually gives it lots of potential to be a great artifact, its just missing something else thatll make it great.
I propose going with the kill effect and granting a damage boost on kill for X seconds, or on kill giving increased shield capacity and recharge rate for X seconds.
Just as it stands the way the luck stat works it barely does anything and I think leave the loot boosts to the shlooter and let the loaded dice do something else as it absolutely has potential to be cool and I would love to see a change to it


hold on did you think GBX creates new items with their old gear in mind, trying to balance stats between different items?
you must be new here XD


Huh no, this is for everyone complaining that it’s too similar

arent the dictator and the monarch a little similar and one is just better than the other?
just forget the first one. its doomed already


Which is why the monarch should be pearlescent or whatever, IMO. It’s the same but more powerful, so it should be a higher tier and rarer.

I didn’t think the lucky dice gave health on kill, but it definitely would be better if it gave some offensive boost as well as a luck boost which barely does anything. You give up 75% of your health, you should get something worthwhile.

well, the same but better is generally a bad thing and the more different tiers you create for that, the less items you can potentially use in endgame
the monarch should simply not exist

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Well, the dictator would be for story and low mayhem only, which would allow them to balance the monarch for endgame without ruining everything else. Compare that to something like the hellwalker, which they buffed to be decent at endgame and now obliterates anything in story or low mayhem, even if underleveled.
And we already have a perfect example, with the redistributor, which got an identical but better version in a higher tier that’s endgame only, when they added the legendary version to the takedown.
Having pearlescent gear - which is just the same but better and balanced for endgame because it only drops at endgame - would be kinda lazy and annoying, but it’s still probably better than the current mess gearbox made.

better but not good
good would be making all weapons end game “viable” and special weapons only slightly better due to their effects, not simply by increasing their base damage by 10 times

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Totally agree.
Sadly, gearbox seems to want to do the opposite.

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It’s not entirely a bad item, it’s still a staple in a moze immortality build (enemies can’t kill her). Otherwise it had issues and I guess gb never got around to fixing it. (Just equipping it will break means of destruction till a cache clear)