Shock alternatives for Aurelia

So I’m doing a 70 Cryo Aurelia and wondering what the best option for shields is, specifically for the Sentinel first form? I tried with a Shock Hail, which kinda works but takes a bit of time. I’m assuming shield bypass luneshine won’t work on the first phases of the first form, so a pure Shock Badaboom is probably the best. Any thoughts?

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Shield bypass works just fine.

Yeah but in the first phases he only has shield, so bypass is kind of pointless

air jump into his face and give him fistfulls of buckshot.

  • Shield bypass doesn’t work on the first phase at all, and it is really hard to get it to work on the second phase for some reason.
  • And yeah a shock Badaboom is the best, but you’ll need an absorb shield and something to refill your ammo.

Yeah that’s kinda what I thought. The Second phase has never really been a huge problem since he actually has a crit spot.

I’m trying to Grinder farm a Shock IVF atm, which might do the trick. Well either Celestial Baroness or Chronicler of Elpis has a small amount of ammo regen, and I could use the Moxxi drink that regens ammo…

The IVF isn’t bad in general, but Aurelia has the tool set to do much better with the Badaboom. And don’t worry about ammo regen, no amount Aurelia can achieve will make a difference when you’re throwing away +30 rounds every second.

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What do you mean? I know about the increased explosive dmg to frozen enemies, but most raid bosses can’t be frozen. Does the dmg still apply even if they just have cryo dots? And obviously I would use a shock Badaboom, so I’m assuming I won’t get the explosive dmg anyway?

Besides a few minor reload speed increases in solo play, Aurelia has no way to increase the damage or DPS of a shock IVF throw reload, unlike most of the other characters.

What she does have is numerous gun damage, fire rate, and reload speed bonuses. All of which increase the damage and DPS of a shock Badaboom by quite a bit. With the Badaboom you get…

  • Only the Best (the velocity increase is nice since he moves so fast at times)
  • Long Range Killer
  • Large Caliber
  • All of ‘Prudent Prudence’
  • Wintertide (a minor boost)
  • Quality Not Quantity
  • All of ‘Next to Cleanliness’
  • Passive bonuses from class mods like the High Definition
  • Some other stuff if you want to “nickle and dime it”.

Everyone can do this, but yes the first phase of the Sentinel can not be frozen. But the large version can fyi.


What you say makes sense I suppose. Now the only problem is actually aquiring a Shock Badaboom… I’m doing two luneshine grinds each time, two legendaries and a purple rocket launcher but after probably 60 tries still no luck… As a matter of fact I’m pretty sure the only elemental Badaboom I’ve gotten besides explosive is one Incendiary… There aren’t any factors to getting the right element right? Cause the grinder seems generally reluctant to give me elemental guns… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I know of. And yeah, non-elemental/explosive is always the most common.

And it would be just as bad for the other gun too. It took me forever to get a decent parted shock IVF for my Jack.

Aah yeah that’s what I thought… You’d think that when so many legendaries does not have a designated drop, the only viable method would be a bit more “precise”. I say the only viable because I’m not going to farm vendors for a specific elemental weapon when this way I’ve at least got a 100% chance of getting the right weapon.

I wish there were more modifiers, like if you used two legendaries and a purple shock weapon that increased the chance of getting shock, or two legendaries and a purple Vladof that increased the chance of getting a legendary Vladof… etc