Shock conference call .......please

Still farming and can’t get it

What lvl are you looking for?

Op8 if possible.

Once I got all elemental Op8 CCs and I decided to sell the Shock one for the space in my inventory, and keep all the rest. I thought normally Fire or Corrosive are the most desirable elements. You might want the Shock CC for your Gaige? I can help you out with the three other element CCs, all with “Practical” prefix.

Think I got one for you, I get back to you.

It seems you got everything :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have one if you still need it.

Yes o still need it add me The-Wayvern

And I have the other elements myself but yes it’s for gaige

Ill be on tonite at 10:30 EST.

I have one if you need it, it’s op8 :slight_smile: