Shock drop dlc question

Forgive the, most likely very stupid question, but the Dahl combat training missions can be completed once per playthrough/UVHM reset can’t they? I’m considering doing them next on my level 19 Aurelia & everywhere I look it seems people are saying they may only be done once (I presume this means they cannot be played repeatedly during the same playthrough in the manner of Pyro Petes bar etc… in bl2).

Yes, once per playthrough, unless reset in UVHM.

Excellent. Many thanks.

That’s actually a good way of levelling up in UVHM, come to think of it, since you don’t have to get too far in the main story to go there. Hmmm… Recently did that with my Athena, and it was pretty fun.

If you’re in it for the Haymaker reward, you only get it once per playthrough, but even after you’ve run through all the levels, there’s still a final, full mob there whenever you enter that map fresh. Sometimes I park one of my characters there and just burn through that mob repeatedly by quitting and restarting whenever the mob is gone (that nutty training sim even talks during this last “wave”, although he says the same lines). When my Doppelganger gets there, he’s going to be checking in for a long time. :grin: