Shock Drop Slaughter - An Overlooked Gem

Great place to level up

Amazjng dialogue (honestly some of my very favourite in all if TPS…damn randomly weird insane Dahl training AI).

Excellent shield reward.

Solid place to gain a few levels when you need it.

Well designed and small / hectic map.

I much prefer it to the Hide n’ Seek Dome!

‘Master thread creator’ should’ve been your usertitle :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it’s ok I guess. Would not play it if it didn’t ship with my copy. Haymaker is a damn fine shield that I like though.

I didn’t like the Shock Drop Slaughter that much, but I have to admit I found the dialogue very funny. The Haymaker is also a very solid shield.

Is a great Arena and It’s so sad that you can’t replay it unless you reset UVHM


You cant replay it, per se, but there WILL be a fresh batch of waves of enemies, complete with commentary, waiting for you each time you go in there.

Problem is that it’s the shortest dome in the series.Takes around 3 minutes to beat the final round.

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Yeah that is sadly true.

It’s a fun arena but definitely not on par with the Holodome, which I love. Repeatable BA round at the Holodome is one of the best things that 2K Australia put into this game. And I actually like how dynamic it is requiring constant movement throughout.


It’s also the best place to kill scav outlaws. Multiple ones every wave and lots of flying enemies for your other badass challenges!

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i was upset that there was no repeatable badass round but other than that i like the arena. haymaker is a damn fine shield. but like @FlamesForAll said reset if you need new at lvl gear.

Shame…could be great…

Up the difficulty
Give it a loot pool like the Hollowdome after your first playthru

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I like it too, reminds me of Fink’s with all the bandits. They’re the best to fight, with their big bubble-head weakspots

[quote=“FlamesForAll, post:5, topic:250791”]but there WILL be a fresh batch of waves of enemies, complete with commentary, waiting for you each time you go in there.[/quote]What’s this?

Once you have passed the Shock Drop rounds, save & quit and reload, and you can fight a decent amount of enemies in the Shock Drop arena, the Dahl AI will even make comments while you fight them.

You can return and do this as many times as you want.

Oh man… reward or no, hordes of enemies is what I’m after! Gonna have to go back and check that out.

heh, i thought you meant reset playthru, close. :sweat_smile:
i really like that haymaker, so that’s why i thought that

Wow, confirmed, thanks! This throws a little extra Tabasco onto my Outlands Canyon tours. This extra mob is, what, maybe half the capacity and all the strength of the final round? Maybe all the capacity (Athena was eatin’ 'em for breakfast)?

Truly happy to help!

I usually use shock drop to level instead of sidequests in the first two difficulties. I’m enjoying the new arena though :slight_smile:

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They should make it repeatable so there would be more stuff to do at endgame but guess that’s never gonna happen. Too late for that, but at least we got the awesome mutator arena (which loot hasn’t been that good though).

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