Shock/elemental Gaige

Yikes - we haven’t run into that with the loading screens. It’s painful enough to lose my measly 150 stacks right now - he’d be a pretty unhappy camper after losing 400. In any case, it really seems to be an issue for both of us no matter who is hosting (or whether we’re going through network or lan, not sure whether that matters but we’ve done both), and it’s only happening when we either throw grenades or summon DT in the middle of a reload animation - so the animation starts, we do one of those two things, and then the animation starts over again, triggering discord for him (or in my case, the loss of all stacks).

Thanks! RNG has really been wackier than I’ve ever seen with any of my other characters/playthroughs, even since the hotfix. It’s been feast or famine, very little in between, and when it’s up it’s really, really, really up, to the point where it feels like the game is trolling us.

Ouch. Very.
It’s only lately that I’ve gotten much co-op done, but that’s mainly been with a friend who recently saw the light and started a Gaige. Very OCD about her stacks, she is…Is this on all platforms?

That’s insane, in a very good way. Congrats!

That was what I found as well. Getting a sample large enough to determine whether S&A procs the low numbers more often than guns or nades would be quite an undertaking, but it would be interesting.

Yeah. I believe it has to do with the connection.

And Steam has been pretty shaky the last two weeks…Thanks for the warning.