Shock Fibber Farming Question

Hey, I’m doing that fun farm, trying to get a Redundant, Win-Win, or Dynamic Shock Fibber.

I’ve seen some stats, that it’s about a 0.74% chance to get a specific combination, but, on those pages, they’re saying there’s the “None” prefix + 7 others (from Vault Hunting 101: A Guide to RNG and LOOT! … bottom of article is about the Fibber).

I’ve done maybe 50 runs so far, and keeping track of stats (for some reason lol). But, out of the prefixes, I have 22 different prefix names so far.

TLDR: Did they add a lot more prefixes? Or are there many words that fit into the “None” prefix?

That’s the accessory column - either no accessory, or one of 7 possible ones. If a pistol has an accessory, it gets the prefix listed in that column. Next set of columns is element - none, or one of the four. If a pistol is elemental but has no accessory, it can get the element prefix name. And then if it doesn’t have either of those, it can get a special prefix based on the grip.

Lots more here, but that’s basically why there are 22 possible prefixes - not all of them refer to the accessory.