Shock Storms caused by Deathrap Kills are Casted By Gaige

Shock Stom has F4 =100 in the chance to apply elemental effect (electrocute) formula… Being casted by Gaige means it also gets *1.4 in F9 from 10/5 More Pep (assuming Legendary Catalyst COM) which will get >>>100% chance to apply electrical DOT vs any defense type and virtually any level enemy (that is not immune to DOTs / electric …).

The impact damage and the fallowing DOT will also use her Electrocute and Shock elemental multipliers. Being her DOTs , they gets multiplied by her elemental effect damage multiplier (BAR + COM (catalyst) + evil enchantress kill skill Activated by Deathtrap’s Kill that triggered the shock storm in the first place) … This guaranteed electrical DOT then also rolls to trigger electrical burn fire DOT.

Deathtrap is a monster killer with Shared Roid Shield and bugged? Sparkle elemental splash.

Melee enemies are much more likely to clump up around Deathtrap - cast him in view of un-activated enemies and he will rush and get them all nicely grouped. Sprinkle a tesla grenade on top of him afterwards if you feel the need …

Yes the area is small, deathtrap kills very quickly even without it (if something is in range for shock storm it won’t live long near deathrap anyway, 9 times out of 10 nothing is hit by the small AOE …) … but mechanically this is how this skill ‘works’ …


That answers a few questions I had then! Thanks. Fuuuh. Now to rework my spec

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SS could be an amazing skill but, unfortunately, the area is so small that we cant even call it AoE.

Having DT spread EB while killing things would be too good to be true for us LBT builders. :frowning:

I’m wondering if Quasars and singularity grenades could group enemies enough that it works for him. I only really use shock storm on my Sniper build, Clinical Cha0s. I need to find a good way to test it. Every time I’m playing it’s always too crazy to really keep an eye on the SS procs

I killed the handsome sorcerer on op8 solely with deathtrap skills(and grog), on a dare.
Shock storm actually does a lot of damage vs slagged enemies, a good chain almost took out the whole first phase. Singularities are a must though, because even when an enemy is just a couple feet away there’s a good chance SS misses

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