Shooterang - how to use it properly?

Anyone remember those Acton speed kills in BL 2 involving the general? It involved spam throwing gunerangs off targets, and have them hit the target on their way back to you.

I was wondering if something similar is possible with the Shooterang in TPS. is the trajectory and the homing flight path still the same? Also, what targets would the reload chuck work best on? I haven’t had much success vs trash mob on both my tediore specced claptrap and Jack.

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Shooterang’s relaod now behaves more akin to the Avenger, rather than a boomerang.
Though, I’m admittedly unsure about its complete flight path.

I’m still convinced there’s some way to make the reloads work well. The Gunerang would home in on enemies on the return path if they were between you and the weapon at the turnaround point (for varying definitions of between). The Shooterang appears to aim straight at where you’re standing at the point of turnaround, and doesn’t otherwise track you (or targets) from there? If there’s more to it (other than being a very good per-shot pistol), I haven’t found it.

Shots fired from the tossed reload don’t seem to cause enemies to become aggro. :raising_hand:

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