Shooting Range needs MASSIVE improvement (suggestions)

So the shooting range is, well, useless. You can shoot a gun anywhere on the ship with the same effect.

Player has a choice to Add a target that could be any enemy you have killed before.
Choose the enemy level and maybe shield and/or armour.
allow multiple targets in the shooting range at one time.

This would make life so much easier when making a build, testing guns or other features.




Probably my biggest disappointment so far. Was expecting an improvement from TPS. Not a downgrade from BL2…

I have the feeling they’ll add something better in an oncoming dlc. Not the most customer friendly decision.

We need. Yes, need. Damage displayed. Shielded, un-shielded and armored targets. Moving targets. And why not, target that shoot back!
A real proving ground. That’s my suggestion.


maybe the OPTION to shoot back. I just want to see how the gun does, cause sometimes its REALLY hard to tell just from the stats. Like the legendary sometimes do extra stuff and I wanna know how good or bad that is without actually having to field test them.

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Absolutely. I think personally it’d be fine to have the Borderlands 2 ones with only 2 changes:
1: Be able to switch from flesh to shield or armour at will
2: Make it more accessable. One of the more annoying things about the Bl2 shooting range was that you couldn’t test anything melee related


Oh ya, that would be nice as well, a nice high ledge to test slams as well.

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I agree.

We should be able to test our guns again different targets from the shooting range.

1- Red

2- Yellow

3- Red & Yellow

4- Red & Blue

5- Yellow & Blue

6- Red & Yellow & Blue


So I’m not the only one who “think in color” instead of element/name. :smiley:

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Useless as ■■■■.
Where is there thread to the developer for suggestions?

It doesn’t need to be improved, it needs to exist to begin with.

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Just about to get to level 50 for the second time so a few hours invested. I’ve searched Sanctuary many times. Can see the duck on the minimap but for the Iife of me cannot find any shooting range. Have given up & kept it as my embarrassing secret :wink:

It’s where you put out the flames for Marcus. Down the stairs, left from him.

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