Shooting range revealed?

This just pop on my fb.

Is it just me or we getting moving targets? finally! :slight_smile:
Didn’t saw any damage count though. Probably because he/she didn’t hit any.

I barely saw them… little pop up claptrap cutouts? Weird.

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There’s also what look like a “hit counter” on the right and a timer on the left. So more like a mini game.

This was probably just a training sim on Sanctuary III that you can use to test out weapons and gear. It’s a good idea that most shooters have used for decades, ha. Better late than never on implementation.


It’s been used outside of shooters too. Links Extreme did this with their driving range. Granted it wasn’t your normal golf game as it had options to use explosive golf balls to target other players and blast them into the air costing them strokes. >.>

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Full contact PvP golf?
I’ll pass. :upside_down_face:

Ok then let’s make a Football game that uses swords. :3

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As long as you’re not asking me to play goalie in a dart game. :wink: