Shooting Star needs some work

The Shooting Star really need some sort up update, the damage is perfect but the fact that it doesn’t work at all on certain maps really kills how some builds are performing. Maybe if the projectiles spawn in at a lower altitude might help, I understand them being caught by walls and overhangs is inevitable but not working at all on some maps is completely taking away from such a good sheilds possibility in the end game because even in open areas without anything blocking the projectiles I guess because of how the area is set up or something they dont spawn at all. Anyone else have some thoughts on how Gearbox can fix this underused sheild?

yes there projectile spawns are super wack. same as that new torge that spawns meteors. also kybs worth always spawns the healing fields like 30 m high? i dunno if thats a me thing cuz i havent aeen anyone else woth that, or a slaughtershaft thing

I love this shield, it’s amazing with melee amara if you’re looking to change things up from the brawler ward. I actually prefer shooting star over brawler ward when it’s working, lots of hard hitting explosions. I’d really like to see this get fixed, at least to work on all maps. I wonder if it can be programmed to clip through all environments and only capable of colliding with enemy npc’s.