Shooting Star Shield Bugged?

So much to my surprise and excitement, the broken overpowered shield that became average after a nerf from Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, the shooting star, dropped for me from killing one of the Sky Bullies. They’re apart of the target of opportunity challenge on Eden 6 in The Anvil.

It states in the item description that when the shield is depleted and you land a successful melee upon the enemy, a projectile dealing damage is supposed to be summoned, however it never seems to spawn or activate for me. Thus, rendering the shield seemingly useless since its special effect is glitching and won’t work.

Is this happening for anyone else? From my POV, whenever I melee an enemy when the shield is depleted, I just see the same amount of damage I normally do when I melee and I never see any sort of projectile hit the enemy I’m melee attacking.

Sorry if I posted this to the wrong place, or if this is kind of a spoiler, I’m new to the forums.


I’m having the same issue, just got it and nothing happens when I melee an enemy after it’s depleted.
I’m playing on the Xbox One if that helps

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I tried using this and ditched it pretty quick. was testing lots of melee gear, and it seemed either broken or just useless.

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Wannabbump this thread and see the shooting starr fixed.

Bump for visibility, i want to see this shield get fixed.

This crap is still not working… * sigh* yet another support ticket to file

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