Shooting star shield projectile not doing damage?

So I’m running with the melee amara build and I’ve got the Shooting Star shield. It was working in normal mode perfectly fine but for some reason in tvhm the projectile isn’t doing any damage. I can see the projectile appear so it’s not hitting any walls or ceilings but when it hits or hits near an enemy it does 0 damage. This seems to come and go and can’t really figure out why. If anyone can help me out with this or if there is an existing post some where I’d appreciate it. I was really enjoying melee amara and would hate to have to respec and change my play style.

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I hear it doesn’t work on some maps.

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See that’s what I thought at first too. Like I know it doesn’t work where you fight captain haunt. But from what I read it’s usually because there’s a ceiling or wall in the way. But I was in the open on one of the Pandora maps and it was still not working. I don’t have any screen shots but I’m seeing the explosion happen from the projectIle but it’s not effecting the enemy what so ever. I unno I’m gonna keep playing with it and see if it fixes itself but if it continues to be goofy I might need to switch to a different roid shield or respec.

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I know this may sound silly but I’ve noticed with a few items now that if you unequip it and reequip it, certain issues get fixed.

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it is bugged, it works though on the middle portion of slaughter shaft, some areas in nekrotefayo, outside areas of heck hole and others.

there are more maps that it is not working.

I had that issue went I was testing the math on Vampyr. When I would take off a front loader my health could never fill. I’d try to buy health and it wouldn’t work. I had to reload every time.


Ya know now that I think of it, the issue started happening when I swapped shields out before the one I was wearing fully recharged. And when I switched back to the shooting star it started to not do damage. I restarted the game and it was still acting buggy. Had to fully restart my xbox to get it working right. But hey, it’s working now. Thanks for the help gents.