Shooting Star troubles

Hi all, hoping for some help here - I need someone to tell me the Shooting Star shield still exists. I’ve have been trying for 3 weeks to get it, must have killed the Power Suit Noob 100-200 times, and at best seen a blue Oz kit.
Giving up on that I’ve tried grinding epic Shields, probably 200-300 times. I’ve seen Fabled Turtle / Reogenator / Avalanche / The Cradle / Whisky Tango Foxtrot / Prismatic Bulwark a good 20-30 times each.
Am I doing something wrong or am I just being really unlucky? I’m level 26 Baroness, the Shields I’m grinding also level 26.

It took me 250+ kills for one to drop and Ive never seen one from the grinder

Seen at least 3 in the vendor, and I’d say grinder framing is your best bet

OK thanks guys, I’m bouncing between the power suit noob and the grinder now, trying to keep things interesting.
Can anyone tell me they’ve seen it drop RECENTLY? There are plenty of posts and videos from 4 or 5 months back, and consensus seems to be around 15 runs should do it, 20 if you’re unlucky. So something has changed - I just want to make sure it does still drop at all.

As much as I love killing the same guy over and over and not saving…

I have a level 60 one but it’s not much use to you right now, can still drop it for you though.

Back when the Shooting Star was a funny way of spelling God Mode, i got one in about 6 tries from the powersuit noob. Maybe i was just lucky and you were unlucky. Just keep trying, you will get it eventially.

Or, now that i have read it slightly more, You should use your Avalanche’s instead. They have pretty similar Roid and the avalanche comes with the Cryo spike and Nova.

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