Shops are glitching since new patch

As per the title, tooltips won’t display and I can’t scroll the sell page of the shop with the mouse wheel or by dragging the scroll bar


I have exactly the same issue.
Initially I can scroll through items, but then the items list seems to offset itself.
The scrolling via mouse wheel stops working.
When I select an item, it highlights, then un-highlights, and clicking on an item doesnt necessarily select the item I selected.
So now I have a bag full of vendor loot I can’t vend :frowning:

Running on PC, Windows 10, GTX1080, 32Mb, 3700X AMD, MSI Gaming Carbon Mobo.

Arrow Keys still work perfectly fine.

Same although my mouse wheel and key controls switch over to the vendor side when selling. Can stash weapons in bank although no tooltips show and also skip select ability at times.


Same issue here. Backpack, bank, etc. Loot menus are fine. But when I try to sell the tooltips only show up for a split second and my scroll wheel no longer works.

Have been loving the game but this is a tad more than inconvenient.

PC, Windows 10, GTR 2060 Super, 16G RAM, i5 4690k, Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mobo


same thing here, ty for bringing this up extremely annoying new bug after the patch hope gearbox fix it soon :frowning:


Same exact issue.

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As well as the above, the “Refill” option does not disappear after you’ve bought ammo. The same amount is displayed and Marcus will take your money even though no ammo is added.

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Same problem. Though the first column of gear does still have tooltips, the rest only last a split second.


Same here with multiple characters.

Same. Controller ‘seems’ to work ok but mouse basically broken at vending machines. I have to believe that in testing this update before release, they never tested it with a mouse. Another, “what? …wow” moment.

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Yep, Vending machines are screwed. Cant get tool tips hovering over backpack items most the items can’t be clicked on with the mouse. If I click on the slider bar, it will select an item in the damn inventory. ug. Nice work. Mouse coords are screwed up. Nice programing. To broken to even play right now.

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There’s a workaround. Open your invertory with “I”. You can scroll and display items. Press “R” on the ones you want to sell. There should be a red marker on the lower right indicating it as junk. Now go to the vending machine, go to sell tab and press “X”. That’ll sell the junked items.

Yep, same for me too

I’ve had the same issue, in an attempt to try and scroll I inadvertently sold 2 legendary guns I just got from the valentines event and it would not let me buy them back. This issue needs to be addressed ASAP

Yeah. Same issue here. Have to go into Inventory first and mark stuff to sell, then enter shop and hit X to sell the marked stuff.
Annoying for sure!

Same problem here on PC. Any ETA for the fix?

i’m doing exact same thing otherwise selling things extremely annoying, they really need to fix this mouse issue on vendors :frowning:

I am on a 4k display, but run the game at 1080 on full screen mode running DX12. When I go to a vending machine and attempt to sell my items, of the visible slots before having to scroll, only the upper left most pane can be properly interacted with using the mouse point. When I move the mouse elsewhere to other panes, the preview popout box does not appear nor does the prompt to press e to sell. Oddly they do still highlight. The only work around is to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

New issue since most recent patch/hotfix.

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