Short Collection of Tests

Before I decided to be done with the game, I had some possible threads planned: an in-depth St4ckbot and Class Mods guide, a Hunter Skills guide and some other specific skills for testing. It’s unlikely those will happen, so anything that I find the will to write about will be added here. Not sure if this will ever get proper formatting so, sorry in advance.

I’d also like to thank @Prismatic, @NotQuag, @plenipotence and @mmurilo02 for contributing to these tests.

Seeing as I got gifted the DLC, it’s fitting that go I out of my way to show and further prove how Trapper is a buggy, broken unfinished mess. So, naturally, here’s

Monkey Do

In case you needed any more proof that Trapper is an unfinished mess

At 1/5 Monkey Do

  • When the pet crits, FL4K gets a x1.86 multiplier to their next shot’s damage.
  • Damage is converted to kinetic. Goodbye Scorcher multiplier.
  • Applies to Splash and Bonus Elements. Works just like legendary amp, meaning multi-pellets make it worthless. Not additive to anything, so it’s essentially its own Amp.
  • Pet gets x1.14 crit.

At 5/5 Monkey Do

  • When the pet crits, FL4K gets a x1.86 multiplier to their next shot’s damage. Yes, the same as 1/5.
  • Same stuff as above.
  • Pet gets x1.7 crit.

Yes, the character with most multi-pellet synergy gets a skill that says screw that, have a legendary amp effect. At 1/5, the skill is already stronger than what the card says it is at 5/5 for FL4K. The listed value is completely wrong on all occasions, investing more than 1 point is worthless unless you want to make your pet less worthless.
Of course, the pet crit is completely in line with the card’s increase though.

Funniest of all, if the skill ever gets fixed, it’s effectively a nerf.

Shared Spirit

  • Now works without a pet equipped
  • Skill card is misleading and the skill was not reworked in the way its implied (and not exactly reworked at all: just a weirdly thought out effect was added on top)

Original Damage Received: 5753
With Spirit up: 3836
Pet healed for: 1741

Pet gets healed by ~45% of the the hit Shared spirit applied to, meaning ~45% of 3836. That, or its healed by ~30% of the original damage received.

The skill is still functionally the same for FL4K: A 33% Damage Reduction when at or below 30% health. The good thing out of this is that it seems like there’s no damage sharing at all now, so no killing the pet by accident through Shared Spirit.


Let’s start by the best: how Purple tree affects St4ckbot! I promise you will be surprised.

  • Loaders can stack St4ckbot with Throatripper
  • Using the second line here so you get disappointed when you find out after reading this quite long sentence that the Loaders also just reset St4ckbot anyway, whenever they don’t crit.

Other St4ckbot reset tests:

  • Non-Loader pets: Seems like they don’t reset it all it anymore, but there’s some new things to test.
  • Non-crits from a gun: resets.
  • Non-crit splash from a gun (like OPQ’s spawned explosion): resets, but if it crits it won’t. In the case of OPQ that’s only achievable through Megavore.
  • Grenades in general: don’t reset.
  • Hunter Seeker: resets, counts as a gun damage source. Doesn’t benefit from the gun damage increase.
  • Barrels: if the impact that hit them was a crit (Fade/Megavore proc), it won’t reset (will actually stack). If it wasn’t, it’ll reset. The barrel’s explosion does not reset the effect anymore. Meleeing or Face-punching a barrel won’t reset it.
  • Shield Novas and Stinger: don’t reset.
  • Reflect shields: resets. Don’t benefit from the gun damage increase
  • Tediore Reloads: the ones that spawn bullets (like Bangarang, Brightside) will reset it when they hit something because of the bullets counting as a gun damage source. The explosions, MIRVs and the rest from the throws won’t reset it. Shooting the “Shoot Me” Mod Type will reset it.
  • Melee/Face-puncher: melee does not reset it. Face-puncher can’t reset or stack it (even if on Fade), but benefits from the gun damage increase.
  • Artifacts: don’t reset. Includes Static Charge, White Elephant and all the others.
  • Going into FFYL: resets.
  • Fast traveling: resets if between zones, but not within the same zone.
  • Hitting an “Immune” Enemy: doesn’t reset.
  • Shooting elemental pipes (like the ones in Slaughter Shaft): resets.
  • Shooting a Skag Pile: doesn’t reset.
  • Pestilence Reload Explosion: doesn’t reset. Benefits from the Gun Damage increase.
  • Kill-O’-The-Wisp: chains don’t reset, but the orb’s impact and splash explosion does if it hits a valid target (for a reset).
  • Ten Gallon: drone doesn’t reset. Benefits from the gun damage increase.
  • Root, Cutsman, Eruption reload, Gargoyle’s and its special projectiles, Plaguebearer and Lump: all reset and fall under the “Non-crit from a gun” category, but were tested specifically due to their weird nature. Lump seems to reset only due to the final projectiles it sends out (probably needs more confirmation)
  • Beacon Nova: doesn’t reset. Benefits from the gun damage increase.
  • Messy Breakup Drone: doesn’t reset. Doesn’t stack or benefit from the gun damage increase.

All in all this is just a long way of telling you that Facepuncher is the only St4ckbot gun you can use in the way you would like to use any of the other, more fun guns. The more this class mod gets fixed, the more its inherently bad design idea shows.

Pet Crits with Throatripper

Pistol Jabber
Base Crit of x2.42 - Likely because it carries a Jakobs pistol, so

2 x Manufacter Inherent Bonus (1.1) x Weapon Card Crit (1.1)

Can always just use 2.42 for the base, without worrying about this technicality.

Melee Pets
Base Crit of x2.

Sniper Loader
Base Crit of x2.78 - Likely because it carries a Hyperion Sniper, so

2 x Manufacturer Inherent Bonus (1.05) x Sniper Bonus (1.2) x Weapon Card Crit (x1.1)

Can always just use 2.78 for the base, without worrying about this technicality.

Shotgun Pets
Weird. It looks like their base crit might be lower, but at the moment it’s hard to even make out if each pellet can proc Throatripper or not, due to their inaccuracy. So just unconfirmed for now.

Other Findings

Domination/Confusion and Chaining Effects

  • Reflux chains to FL4K/Pet when shooting a dominated target (doesn’t damage you): this effectively allows us to use chains against [applicable] single targets when you have Dominance/Tr4iner/Blind With Anger (for your own sake I hope it’s just Dominance).

Anointments - While Fade Away/Snare is Active Gain Weapon Damage

  • As I feared, there seems to be a certain lack of awareness about what already existed in the game: these anointments are Gun Damage, and only 100% at that. What this means is that the 200% ASA generic anointment is superior to both of these in any situation you can ever imagine, and that one is already a subpar anointment on FL4K, because the builds that would usually best utilize it are already stacked on Gun Damage.
  • These anointments do nothing but hurt a build. Skipping them completely for their much better alternatives is recommended.

Not My Circus and Loader Pets

  • This augment is great of course, but it has some clunk/inconsistencies attached to it. You will rejoice in knowing that it’s extremely consistent with the Loader pets: it just never works.

Hive Mind

  • Hive Mind’s bonus pet damage does not trigger consistently - sometimes full durations of the skill can happen without any bonus damage, while at other times the damage is there but only for brief moments.



I’m gonna get some bleach for my eyes before I read this, I feel like I’ll need it. Just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done to try to improve the game. We Fl4k players owe you a lot, and we owe Quag, Boombur, and all those who contributed to these forums. I’ll miss your sweet Fl4 memes


@Ratore, hate to see you go. You have been a great help to myself and many more. A huge ass thank you is in order for your time invested testing skills/weapons etc.

The FL4 camp will miss ya buddy.


Good to know! As such a poorly-designed COM, if you have any that have otherwise good modifiers (crit/Jakobs/sniper damage, for example) but you don’t want to use because of its Facepuncher requirement, I’ll gladly take them off your hands.

Forgot I had tested the new anointments, so they’re in now too.

Never said that. You could try the trading section.

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:joy::joy::joy: Pls Gearbox

Thank you for this work @Ratore! Especially the work on the Stackbot. If that is available somewhere else, I was not aware and it is good info.

How did you test that the 100% fade away/trap damage is gun damage? I heard from someone else that they were V1 or V2 or something similar (multiplicative)

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Tested against Persistence Hunter and a Class Mod with +25% Weapon Damage.

Also, “multiplicative” doesn’t really mean anything here (or what people usually want it to mean). Gun Damage is multiplicative to V1 and V2, as are each of them to each other while being additive to their own (V1 is additive to V1 and so on).

Also, were they V1 or V2, the Fade anoint would literally turn off on the third shot of the skill and not apply to it because V1/V2 are calculated on hit.


Added interaction with Loader pets + Not My Circus to the list.


I don’t mean to be rude @TheSTACKSMORESTACKS but that’s @Ratore.
He knows what he is doing. See here:
His name is all over the place for a reason;-)

The Fade Away/Gravity Snare vs ASA 200 bit is chewing at my sanity, and is Facepalm of 2020 award worthy.

So they basically recycled a generic annointment that wasnt even top shelf, and gave it lower stats as a character specific annoint.

I wonder if it works on other VH’s when their Action Skills are active? They honestly might have used the ASA code for it.


each vh now has a 100% specific while action active anoint (phasegrasp, iron cub, mantis ) if they are all using the same code that would be crookery at this point. My trust is so low that I am half in the mood to check :joy:


I guess I never posted about this bug, so here it is (added to main post too):

It’s been some time so it might have been fixed somehow… but it’s a FL4K bug so probably not


Nope, I just experienced this for the first time upon testing last week.

Hurray for things that never change…


@Ratore @boombumr Thanks for posting these thoughts/tests. This is good info to know. So an already conditional skill is subject to further unknown RNG conditions and bugs LOL. Got it.


Quoting this because I think the world needs to read it twice :+1:


@vCarpeDiemv I mean honestly - it’s no wonder new players have trouble getting into Borderlands. Literally nothing works “as described on the card.” I partly like that the franchise is quirky like that, because being charming is all about quirks. But damn if BL doesn’t have a high barrier to entry as a result of its “quirks.”


See, it was kinda fine in BL1, cus the game told you hardly anything and you figured it out yourself or played something else. BL3 gives you way more info, which would be great but half of it is wrong or misleading, so its harder to figure stuff out.


@hovismetaphor55 The primary issue is when you look at two competing sets of skills or stat boosts, and one number is 250% gun damage and the other number is 100% gun damage, but the 100% gun damage somehow makes more “dayumage.” :rofl: